What do the Movistar Plus+ Clic channels hide?

Movistar Plus+, as one of the main operators to watch all television at home (if not the most), now presents itself with a suitable alternative for those who want to discover something more than what we can usually find on the platform. We are talking, in this case, about the so-called Clic channels, which Movistar Plus+ has as one of the recent news more complete for certain users.

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Movistar Plus+ is the great benchmark in our country when it comes to contracting a fiber and mobile service. Not to mention its complete catalog so you can enjoy its dial through the different emissions it offers. And now, from your special service, we can count on new provisions in the form of channels.

Because if; from time to time, the blue company bets on integrate into your service of television certain novelties in the form of new channels, although this time we have a difference: and it is that these are not like the others or like the ones that we can usually have on our devices.

These are the so-called Clic channels with which Movistar Plus+ is presenting itself, on this occasion (it is hoped that in the future it will be for other users), for a specific public. These are, specifically, provisions with which the platform helps us discover new movies, series and documentaries based on our tastes.

What is it about

Also known as shuttle channels, these Clic that we have in Movistar Plus + are not something new. In fact, we can find them since 2019, when the operator was adapted for a renewed format. This was intended for users to get to know in depth the movies that we could find in the catalog.

Thus, what these offer is a selection of featured films within the genres they represent, and are located starting at dial 200. On dial 29, the generic shuttle channel Clic Cine is maintained.

At the same time, what we have is that these are not suitable for everyone. The reason is because these Clic channels are only available in the deco UHD of Movistar Plus+. Or what is the same; the most modern offered by the company to its fiber and ADSL customers. This is the one that allows, among other things and functionalities that we have on the platform, the reproduction of content in Ultra High Definition (UHD) or the use of applications such as Netflix or Disney.

A collection of 10 themes related to cinema

Located from dial 200, it should be remembered that if we want to see these Movistar Clic channels, it is necessary have the Cinema packagein addition to Movistar Plus+’s own UHD decoder, mentioned above.

In any case, and taking into account that the blue operator is renewing all the models so that its clients can enjoy the renewed version, we should not have any problem in this last aspect.

For his part, and completing a collection of 10 themes Based on the cinema, all these films can be seen with just a ‘click’ on the remote, whether they are currently broadcast or on demand. As you can see, you will not be short of options with the new Movistar Plus+ Clic channels, where we will have very interesting news and options. These are all that we can currently find:

  • (Dial 29) Click Cinema. Selection of generic movies.
  • (Dial 200) Clic Spanish First Operas (the first works of great directors).
  • (Dial 201) Clic Action Comics (The best adaptations of the world of comics).
  • (Dial 202) Clic Spielberg (Best director’s titles).
  • (Dial 203) Clic Oscars (Oscar-winning titles).
  • (Dial 205) Click Dexter Universe (the great serial killer movies).
  • (Dial 206) Click Last Assault (action movie).
  • (Dial 207) Click Back to Class.
  • (Dial 208) Click Vintage cinema.
  • (Dial 209) Click The cinema of the 70s.

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What do the Movistar Plus+ Clic channels hide?