What are the most listened to programs on Uruguayan radio

According to the latest measurement commissioned by the Radios Bureau from the Mediciones y Mercado consultancy, the most listened to radio program on the entire dial, is the first edition of Informative Sarandí, cycle led by Aldo Silva, Gabriel Pereyra, Valeria Superchi and Sergio Silvestri, which runs from 7 to 9 in the morning on the Sarandí, Total, Del Plata and Futura stations. According to the report, this program registers a daily average of 6.2 rating points.

The second most listened to program is Do not touch anything (Monday to Friday from 8 to 12 by FM Del Sol, from 9 to 12 by El Espectador), with 5.8 points, and then there is the classic Here is your album (Monte Carlo radio, Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30), with 4.5 points.

Fourth is a cycle that was the most listened to on the entire dial: Bad thoughts, hosted by Orlando Petinatti (Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm on Azul FM), with 4.3 points. The fifth place has it Hyena, the program hosted by Charlie Sacco on Aire FM from 12 to 18 hours, with 4.1.

The ranking is completed with Tropical air (Air FM) and the things in their place, which this year Juan Miguel Carzolio and Ileana da Silva (Sarandí, from 9 to 12), both with 3.5 points; The table of the gallants (FM Del Sol, from 13 to 16), with 3.4 points; It’s news (Sarandí and Total, from 6 to 7), with 3.1; Who tells you (from 12 to 13 in Del Sol), with 2.7; and the first edition of Monte Carlo informative (from 6.30 to 8.30), with 2.7.

The other programs that achieved more than one rating point –equivalent to some 13 thousand people in Montevideo and the metropolitan area– were Fishbowl (the new cycle of Ignacio Álvarez, which goes from 9 to 12 on Azul FM), which measured 2.7 points, Easy to swerve (Del Sol, 2.6 points), Monte Carlo at your service (2.3 points), House 100 (Air, 1.8 points), the first edition of Informative Carve (issued by Carve and Radiocero, 1.7 points), First morning (El Espectador and Azul FM, 1.6 points), 5PM (Monte Carlo, 1.2 points), So it goes (Carve and Radiocero, 1.0 points) and Infinite justice (Urban, 1.0 points).

The measurement was made between July and September of this year.

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