We reveal who will be the drivers of Sunday’s ‘Despierta América’

Wake up America.

Photo: Despierta América / Univision

They announced it as part of the new weekend programming and then silence came … Until today, where We reveal who will be the drivers of the ‘Wake up America’Sunday.

Although the announcement has not yet been made officially, we can confirm, unofficially, that ‘Wake up America’ on Sunday would have a premiere date of September 19It would last two hours and, although it would keep the spirit of the week, it would be very different.

Who will drive it? Here is the surprise, although at some point it was rumored that they would be Karla Martínez and Alan Tacher, the hosts of the Sunday version are María Antonieta Collins, Jackie Guerrido and Raúl González.

Yes, Jackie returns to ‘Wake up America’, show in which for many years was in charge of giving the weather report. More than 10 years later she returns but as a presenter and of this new format.

But, as we learned that space Jackie would have fought it with other colleagues who had also auditioned hoping to be the chosen ones. Who is it? Maity Interiano, Karina Banda and Aylen Del Toro.

Let’s remember that the Puerto Rican reappeared just a few days ago, after testing positive for COVID-19 with other colleagues like Borja you, Elyangelica González and Carlos Calderón.

What would the content be? Although many imagined that would have a news tint, and more if we think of Marie Antoinette Collins as one of the co-hosts, That would not be the way, because for them it is already ‘Al Punto’, with Jorge Ramos.

According to what we could find out, unofficially, it would have the purest essence of the show: help, provide service and entertain. Something that has a lot to do with the spirit of one of the three presenters: Raúl González and what he always defines as the ‘sions’ of his life,’ passion, profession and mission ”

Why did Univision decide to extend the show one more day at the risk of saturating the public? This would have been the brainchild of outgoing news president Daniel Coronell, and resumed by the current president of the chain, Luis Silberwasser. The intention would be to take advantage of a registered and proven successful brand.

‘Despierta América’ is one of Univision’s oldest shows and the one that has always remained number one in its schedule above its most direct competitors, like Telemundo, and even from some American chains.

If it will work?What if the public will want to wake up with the ‘happiest house on Hispanic television’ also on Sunday? If the reports, surprises, interviews and help to the community will conquer on the most familiar day of the week? Only time will tell, and we will tell you.


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