“We just left a gift for Micky” Palazuelos would speak ill of “El Sol”

Roberto Palazuelos announces that he is preparing a series in which Luis Miguel himself would appear, and in which “Sun of Mexico“I can feel the same as him when he was portrayed as a gossip in” Luis Miguel: The series. ”

The actor, Roberto Palazuelos and Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin, were one of Luis Miguel’s closest friends during his youth, which is why both were prepared for their appearance in the singer’s bioseries.

What they did not expect was that both would be portrayed wrongly in the plot, which is why the “Black diamond“He reacted very annoyed and showed a desire to take revenge.

Revenge is a dish to be eaten cold.

In past statements, Roberto Palazuelos He said he no longer had plans to sue “El Sol” for defamation, this due to the way he interpreted him in the bioseries.

The “businessman hotelier “plans a new way to take revenge against the artist of” Puerto Rican “origin and anticipated some clues about what he intends to do so that the interpreter of”Turn around“may experience the same as him, seeing his image damaged by the distorted version of the facts presented.

It was in the middle of the invitation to the program “Pinky Promise“by Karla Díaz, in which both complained about the artist’s biographical series and even made jokes that he could sue him for damaging his image, which was affected in social networks, he mentioned.

However, the soap opera actor like “Girls“,” Tomorrow is forever “,” A lucky family “, and so on.

Right now in our show we just gave Micky a gift in a chapter, Roberto mentioned sending a kiss to the camera accompanied by “with love, you know. So, don’t miss it.” The actor mentioned.

In the same way, he added that he let his annoyance pass and this would be the way in which they can act in the same way as Luis Miguel and protect themselves with the same arguments that he used.

Now that the madrazo comes to him (I will also say) because the writers, “Memo del Bosque”, “Televisa”, “I have nothing to do, I am just a vehicle of the director,” said Palazuelos.

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“We just left a gift for Micky” Palazuelos would speak ill of “El Sol”