“We are looking at how to present it”: Pati Chapoy spoke about the new Ventaneando series

The entire collection of interviews is expected to be retaken (Screenshot)
The entire collection of interviews is expected to be retaken (Screenshot)

Pati chapoy cleared up rumors about a possible series of Windowing and assured that a project is being created to Aztec TV, but did not specify the format.

The entertainment journalist mentioned for Formula Group that the whole idea arose from a call made by the high command of TV Azteca, in order to incentivize all your employees to contribute an innovative idea for the middle.

“A few months ago, within Televisión Azteca, we were invited to participate in how each of us in our area could improve and contribute something important to the company. Not only television, but administrative, legal, the whole range of people who work at Televisión Azteca“Stressed the communicator.

He also highlighted that among the 300 or 400 projects that were presented on television, it was decided that Pati Chapoy’s idea would advance to the “finals”.

This project has to do with the work carried out by Rosario Murrieta, at the head of the information, Iyari González at the head of the technical production and we present a project in relation to the journalistic heritage that we have in Azteca for almost 28 years

The show has been on the air for 25 years (Screenshot)
The show has been on the air for 25 years (Screenshot)

Chapoy pointed out that with this information they have, a new use could be made in order for it to be on another platform. The host of the evening show stressed that her project was approved and that they are currently working on it.

“We have interviews of a 20-year-old Vicente Fernández here, of Mrs. Pinal or of any young man who today begins to raise his head in the world of entertainment. It is a very important journalistic heritage and we are looking at a way to present it againr ”, he stressed.

Although the host did not clarify if it will be a biographical or documentary series, she said that she continues to collect information, remembering anecdotes and all the situations she has seen over 25 years.

It should be remembered that just on January 23 of this year, Chapoy gave a conference press via Zoom with the other drivers and production people, where he advanced, among other things, on the importance of Windowing Y the plans for the future.

In this way he highlighted preparing a series about her and the program where it is an icon: “The script is being written Rosario Murrieta with Iya González”, He explained. “It is a long-term project. I have the request to do it, I accepted and we are working ”.

It has to be very well written, well documented. We are compiling all the episodes that not only the program contains, but Pati’s life. If you already saw that many things and anecdotes were said in the anniversary program. Imagine how many have not been said and were left out”, Seconded Rosario Murrieta, Head of Program Information.

Pati Chapoy had a heated discussion with some users of this social network, as they again criticized the host and journalist of the magazine program Windowing, for having interviewed Enrique Guzmán on the program after the accusations of sexual abuse, raised by his granddaughter Frida sofia a few weeks ago during an interview with the presenter Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Enrique Guzmán appeared at "Windowing" to respond to the accusations of her granddaughter Frida Sofía (TW: @VentaneandoUno)
Enrique Guzmán appeared at “Ventaneando” to respond to the accusations of his granddaughter Frida Sofía (TW: @VentaneandoUno)

The controversy began in networks after, in the official account of Windowing, the video of the last exclusive of the program was broadcast, where The former vocalist of Los Teen Tops assured that the daughter of the singer Alejandra Guzmán is lying and is willing to defend her name of the accusations made by the 29-year-old girl.

Internet users’ reactions did not wait and they quickly commented on Pati Chapoy’s tweet, where they expressed their outrage at the support that the host has given the interpreter of “Your head on my shoulder” after the statements made by Frida Sofía, in which he pointed out that he was subjected to touching by Guzmán since he was five years old.

A Twitter user urged the driver Pedro Sola to leave the program and affirmed that the 74-year-old economist, also, still has time to continue to preserve his prestige and dignity. In this way, Chapoy was enraged and responded with a forceful message: “Oh, lower two fingers to your anger.”