Watch these similar series if you were shocked by the fifth season of ‘Elite’

If you still can’t get over the shocking premiere of the fifth season of ‘Elite’don’t hesitate to do a marathon this weekend with productions similar to this youth series written by Carlos Montero.

And it is that if you are a faithful fan of each of these controversial characters and have lived together with them each of the most unexpected crimes and situations, do not stay with the desire to see it again or to repeat the most impressive chapters that are even in past deliveries. And it is that if there is something this plot has, it is that it is full of a large number of unimaginable events and that keep you glued from beginning to end.

Above all, because in each of them there are always novelties such as the inclusion of new students, as well as relationships in which sexual diversity it becomes more and more present or notorious and allows you to create a special connection with your audience that is always willing to identify with a large part of the theme or situations that are presented there and that are unique.

Series similar to the fifth season of ‘Elite’

If something caused the fifth season of ‘Elite’ It was high expectations, because since his return to Netflix was announced, there was no one who was not attentive to every advance or every detail that allowed him to discover what was coming. And one of the aspects that many still do not overcome is the departure of Ander and Guzmanhowever, the new characters did their thing and generated a new universe of unexpected relationships that they liked so much and that is why this production continues to be a “boom” after each season premiere.

So if you are a faithful fan of this plot, do not lose sight of other productions that bear a resemblance or maintain the youthful essence in the development of their history. And the best thing is that you can find them all in the entertainment catalog of the streaming platform.


This is one production that in the same way handles the drama and the most unexpected situations with a lot of drama, but also with the presence of romance and with the experiences worthy of the existential crises that are experienced during the school-university season. Here the public will try to discover from who is capable of altering the order of a virtual community to the culprit of the most horrendous crimes.

This is a series to reflect on friendship, loyalty and how each person is always willing to hide their secrets.

The mess you leave

this series presents the following synopsis: “A teacher is haunted by a suspicious death that recently occurred at the high school where she just started working…and begins to fear for her life.” From this situation a series of moments full of drama, tension and unexpected outcomes are triggered.

If you are a suspense lover It is also an ideal option to entertain yourself on the weekend and see the similarities with the Elite series.

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Watch these similar series if you were shocked by the fifth season of ‘Elite’