VLA hosts talk about Shakira’s song, fans harass Flor Rubio

A few hours ago, Shakira he stole all reflectors in the entertainment industry after releasing her new single in a collaboration with BZRPwhere she sent some strong messages addressed to her ex-husband, Pique and his current partner, Clara Chia.

In the song, the 45-year-old Colombian threw several messages at the ex-soccer player Barcelona and his current girlfriendunleashing an important debate among users on social networks, as some assured that the lyrics are very good and others said that it was an exaggeration.

It should be remembered that, since her separation with Piqué was confirmed, the singer has released three singles “I congratulate you”, “Monotonía” and recently her collaboration with BZRP. In all of them she has expressed her feelings about her break with the footballer.

VLA conductors react to Shakira’s new song

This Thursday, January 12, a few hours after the song became a worldwide phenomenon, the hosts of “Venga La Alegría” analyzed the lyrics of the single and provoked the reaction of Internet users, who went with everything to a of the drivers.

It turns out that, after presenting the song, Flor Rubio, Horacio Villalobos and Ricardo Casares -conductors of “Venga La Alegría”- gave their opinion on the matter, but the one who stole all the reflectors was her and the position she showed on live television.

Without saving anythingBlond Flower assured that the song could cause problems between Shakira and Pique, but above all with the children they have in common. He explained that the letter leaves the FC Barcelona footballer in a very bad light.

“What the song does is trample Piqué, he forgets that he is the father of his children,” said the television host.

On the other hand, Horacio Villalobos and Ricardo Casares said that the song is quite good and recognized the great work that Shakira has done. They also recalled that the Colombian has made songs of love and heartbreak, so her recent single is not a novelty. Here is the video of the discussion.

Fans harass Flor Rubio

Given the position he showed on the song of Shakira, The fans of “Venga La Alegría” stunned Flor Rubio by saying that the first one who had to think about her children was Piqué and not the Colombian. In addition, she was asked to respect the opinions of her classmates, since she apparently did not agree with what they said.

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VLA hosts talk about Shakira’s song, fans harass Flor Rubio