Viviana Canosa exploded against Dalma Maradona: “Taster of work”

the fight between Viviana Canosa and Dalma Maradonawhich started when the driver defended “Kun” Agüero and attacked Diego Maradonait would seem to have no end. After Dalma’s response, who jumped in defense of her father, the television journalist hit him back through a monologue of almost 5 minutes on her program Viviana with you.

While reading some papers with all his arguments written down, Canosa pointed to Dalma and her father.. In passing, she took the opportunity to attack Thelma Fardín and the women who supported the legalization of abortion. “Today I am going to answer the job taster and bearer of the surname Dalma Maradona. She was very upset with Dalma, alias ‘Trapo Verde’, that I defended “Kun” Agüero ”, started. “Dalma got very angry because I defended “Kun” Agüero. I share, I don’t know what the hell we pay taxes for if we don’t see anything done with that money, except that corrupt politicians take it, “continued the host, referring to the soccer player’s statements about the wealth tax.

When mentioning Thelma, grey-haired He recalled the case of Mavy Álvarez, the young woman who met Maradona when she was a 16-year-old girl and reported having been abused by him. “Between your dad and ‘Kun’ I’ll take ‘Kun’, Dalma. I’m sorry. Your old man wanted to imprison your old woman. This Mavys girl told aberrant things. Try to be consistent, because everyone defends Thelma Fardín without evidence, “she said.

“The difference between you and me, Dalma, is that you have a lot of time to waste and I don’t. I have to work, I have been working since I was 18 years old and I am 50. I live from my work, I don’t live from any inheritance. Aren’t you ashamed that your old man has been with all these dictators? Was all the money from these guys who garpaban your old man clean twine?“, Hill grey-haired.

The previous release of Dalma Maradona against Viviana Canosa

After what grey-haired expressed his support for Agüero and compared him to Maradona, dalma He jumped on social networks to defend his father. “I hadn’t heard Viviana Canosa defending ‘Kun’! How unpleasant you are, woman! I would have liked that all the barbarities you said about my dad you would have said to him to his face”published in one of his messages via Twitter.

“A mine that all her life lived by inventing gossip now comes up with the idea of ​​shouting anything on TV and telling a country how it should be or think. It seems too much to me! I hope that what you said you can corroborate in Justice! ”, He closed dalma. Noticing that grey-haired had blocked her on Twitter, posted in another tweet: “Knowing that you do everything right is when Viviana Canosa blocks you. A mine that sends me to work thinking that in that way it offends me or something”.

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Viviana Canosa exploded against Dalma Maradona: “Taster of work”