Virgin River season 4: Mel and Jack returned to Netflix with new challenges


The fourth season of Virgin River is now available on Netflix. But how good is it? Without spoilers, we tell you.

Mel and Jack in season 2
© NetflixMel and Jack in season 2

It was a long wait, but the fourth season of Virgin River is already available in Netflix. The series, starring Alexandra Breckenridge Y Martin Henderson returned to the platform with 12 new episodes that will give a lot to talk about. this time Mel Y Jack They face new challenges and characters who come to change their lives and those of everyone in their town.

Virgin River, this time, focuses on the aftermath of Hope’s accident, how Jack and Mel deal with her pregnancy without really knowing who her father is, and in turn, finding out who shot Jack. But, in the midst of that, new characters arrive that end with the peace of the town and, especially, of the protagonists. Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective and engaging editions of the series.

Once again betting on capturing a quiet and collaborative town among its residents, the production of Virgin River has found a formula that attracts and enchants its viewers. However, at the same time, the fact of adding so much suspense and drama to this love story manages to make fiction a success. Even so, in these new episodes they went for more and with the mixture of romance, drama, action and adrenaline, the strip found a narrative fluidity never seen before.

Secondly, the excellent performances of Martín Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge with their undeniable chemistry on stage manage to make the viewer join the plot in a unique way. Connecting with them and with the empathy they generate transforms Virgin River into something even more real than a series. The feelings and challenges that they have to go through in this season have never been so moving in previous editions, so their return could be considered epic.

Now, it is worth mentioning that the rest of the cast also does a great job. In fact, characters like Annette O’Tole as Hope either Colin Lawrence as Preacher They make the story even more exciting. This is because, throughout the 12 episodes, in addition to the general plot, a subplot corresponding to each member of the series is developed, which helps more to understand why certain things happen.

Of course, it should be noted that beyond the narrative fluidity of Virgin River and the emotionality that is transmitted in each dialogue, on some occasions, the rhythm begins to be dense and the well-known characteristics of that quiet town can get to bore the viewer. Although it is understandable that this is the essence of the series and is what generates the outcome of the plot, the reality is that betting on something like this again has been, perhaps, a Netflix failure.

However, beyond that small mistake, on this occasion the fiction found some topics to be able to enjoy and make this season the most captivating and even, in my opinion, the best of the four. I mean, with these new episodes, Virgin River has managed to exceed, at least, my expectations and resumed that excellent way of being able to catch the viewers. Well, not knowing some truths until the end makes the suspense even better.

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Virgin River season 4: Mel and Jack returned to Netflix with new challenges