Virgin River 4: characters that do not return to a new season on Netflix


A Place to Dream returned to the streaming platform with Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson. Review the characters that said goodbye to the series and the roles that were incorporated.

Virgin River premiered its fourth season on streaming.
© NetflixVirgin River premiered its fourth season on streaming.

The fourth season of Virgin River it’s here! the series of Netflix starring Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson returned to the streaming platform with 12 new episodes. Once again, the story of the nurse who arrives from Los Angeles to a small town to start her life from scratch is taken up again. But when she meets Jack, the owner of the only bar on the site, she decides to give love a new chance.

For three seasons, fiction has shown that it is one of the best proposals in the catalog for lovers of the romantic genre. However, this time Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan they face new challenges, very different from what the production of the red N had viewers accustomed to. It is that the protagonist has become pregnant and she does not know if the father of the baby is her current partner or Markher ex-husband who has passed away some time ago.

If you haven’t seen the new episodes yet but want to review who’s in the cast, you’re in the right place. You must know that there is a character who definitively said goodbye to A place to dream. Is about Lillythe character in the hands of lynda boyd that last season she was diagnosed with cancer and that she spent her last days saying goodbye to her great friends in town. The sad denouement has Virgin River in mourning, and her people still care for her children and her little girl Chloe, whom she abandoned after childbirth but who returned to her home after an inspiring chat with Mel.

+ New characters in Virgin River

Two new characters join the fourth season of Virgin River on Netflix. The first of them is Denny Cutlerpersonified by Kai Bradbury. Actually, he first appeared in the last chapter of the third installment, announcing that he was the lost grandson of Doc (Tim Matheson), something that is strange considering that apparently never had children. Thats not all! also joined the cast Mark Ghanime As the Dr Cameron Hayekthe third doctor at the town clinic to join Mel and Doc. His impact on the Virgin River residents will be undeniable.

+ Characters returning to Virgin River

Although we will not give spoilers, if you will have to watch until the end of the episodes to know who are the characters that do return for the fourth season of Virgin River. In any case, we can tell you that one of them is Hope McCreathe role in the hands of Annette O’Toole. It is that during the filming of the third part -in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic- the actress who gives life to the mayor had not been able to travel to Vancouver for filming. In her place, she only had a few appearances through video calls with the excuse of being on a trip and then having a car accident. Anyway, she is already back to establish herself once again as one of the leading ladies of A place to dream.

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Virgin River 4: characters that do not return to a new season on Netflix