Videos | “This is my new reality”: The emotional publication of Daniella Álvarez

A lesson in humility leaves in each publication on her social networks the former beauty queen and television presenter Daniella Álvarez, who had one of her legs amputated due to ischemia, in June 2020.

In a short video in which he is seen moving around his house on a small wheelchair, The model also showed how she performs her daily activitiessuch as looking for your clothes and shoes in the different spaces of your apartment.

In the publication on his Instagram account, which accumulates more than 4 million followers, Álvarez also wrote an emotional message for people who complain about life to reflect.

“Today I want to ask you that before criticizing your life, observe that of others. Today I want to tell you that there are many things that may be difficult for you, that make you sad, exhausted, tired, but it is not as serious as it seems. Everything has a solution, and that which, like mine, perhaps does not, is overcome over time, accepted and carried forward. Today I want to ask you to smile more at your life, to be more grateful, to consider yourself more, not to give yourself so hard. Everything difficult makes you stronger, forges your character and gives you wisdom”, Daniella began in her moving message.

The former queen, a descendant of German immigrants who settled in the Atlantic after fleeing World War II, also He exhorted his followers to be brave to achieve what is difficult, and asked not to forget to look in “the pocket of happiness”. “Be happy with what you have and who you are. There is always someone going through something harder than you,” she wrote.

On his particular experience, after the amputation and how he has adapted to his new life, Álvarez said that he could not imagine seeing me like this, in a chair pushing himself with his right foot. “Sometimes I have to rest my stump of the prosthesis and thus I manage to mobilize. This is my new reality, the one I face every day with love and resilience reminding me that my life is complete if I have God in my heart”he pointed out in the publication.

In 2020, Daniela Álvarez began to suffer a series of complicated medical episodes that made her enter the operating room five times at the Cardio Infantil clinic in Bogotá. On June 13, 2020, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, by her decision, and with the support of her family and her doctors, she decided to amputate her foot and part of her left leg due to ischemia that she suffered. in one of her surgeries.

Recently, Miss Colombia 2011-2012 revealed that she would have to use a wheelchair for several days. Álvarez said that she injured her only foot and that she could not walk much. As he explained, due to the lack of sensitivity in his foot, he did not realize that he had this wound, This is why you must be patient while the skin on your foot heals, which takes a little longer than on other parts of the body.

“These days I will be in a wheelchair without walking. And well, I get several lessons from this, among them the patience that I must develop day by day to understand so many things, ”he reported in a publication.

He explained that it is a daily mental training to understand the situations that arise with his health and only focus on the positive. “It is a daily training for my mind to make it stronger and stronger in any circumstance, especially putting it in the place it should be: in the positive, in happiness, in love, in life that is only one and has given this second chance,” he said.

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Videos | “This is my new reality”: The emotional publication of Daniella Álvarez