Videos | The journalist Érika Zapata accepted aesthetic retouching on which many expressed their opinion; she explained why she did it to him

Every time he goes on the air in one of his deliveries, Paisa journalist Érika Zapata becomes a trend; The particular way in which she informs and the colloquial words that she uses to refer to the events that she shows have led her to win the affection of Colombians.

Now, the woman from Antioquia not only gives people something to talk about for her reports; She has also done it for an interview that she gave to the Tropicana radio station and in which she, a little more relaxed, told some of her personal issues.

In the midst of the jabber talk and when he was receiving praise from his interviewers, The journalist revealed the retouching that she had to do in her mouth due to an accident she suffered.

Erika Zapata leaves Caracol for a while
Journalist Érika Zapata worked in a greengrocer before joining Noticias Caracol. – Photo: Twitter: Erika Zapata

As she recounted, he fell in a bathroom and knocked out his two front teethfor which he had to undergo treatment to recover the two pieces and overcome the bullying he was a victim of due to his physical appearance.

“Guys, but the smile is false because I broke these teeth [señaló los frontales] in a accident. I fell in the bathroom. That was one of the reasons I was bullied a lot when I was little. I had a grimace and they put Sisben teeth on me, so imagine how it turned out,” he explained on the popular radio station.

In addition to having revealed this secret, she told a detail that also caused curiosity among the announcers, since she indicated that she could not get the full treatment and that she had to undergo several steps before recovering her smile.

They made me one and then they made me the other [dientes]but with this I’m fine ”, Zapata said, referring to the two procedures she underwent to finally look as Colombians recognize her today.

“What I do is translate the journalistic language towards people so that they understand me better and to generate impact"the journalist told SEMANA.
“What I do is translate journalistic language to people so that they understand me better and to generate an impact,” the journalist told SEMANA. – Photo: Courtesy

Érika Zapata is a viral phenomenon

Despite the fact that at the time the journalist’s style caused the door to be closed to her in several informative spaces, which led her to face a period of great anguish when she did not get a job in a communication medium, she was It was precisely her way of reporting the news that helped her develop professionally as a communicator..

Zapata, 27, has managed to build a professional career in Snail Television, where he has been for three years, thanks to the fact that one of his reports gained great popularity on social networks. This is because in said report In his particular style, he told the story of a man on roller skates who was talking on a cell phone while clinging to a bus. of public transport in an area of ​​Medellin.

Such has been the recognition that the paisa journalist has had on the digital platforms that An imitator has appeared, who is stealing laughs by emulating the tone of voice and expressions that the reporter usually uses.

Erika Zapata
The journalist recounted what really happened with a death threat issue she faced. – Photo: Instagram: @erika_zava

Gabriela Romero, a member of a team of imitators who create characters in the radio program ‘La Luciérnaga’ of Snail Radio, and who, taking advantage of the great popularity of Érika Zapata’s reports on social networks, he decided to use his voice to generate a funny character who offers humorous reports to listeners.

Far from expressing anger or annoyance at the parody that was made of him, Zapata stated through his Twitter profile that he felt great admiration for the talent of the person who was imitating him.

“I just heard an impersonator of me on ‘The Firefly’ it is equal. Awesome. I thought it was me.” Zapata wrote.

Romero was also invited in the interview that Zapata gave to Tropicana and they were face to face.

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Videos | The journalist Érika Zapata accepted aesthetic retouching on which many expressed their opinion; she explained why she did it to him