Video | This was Keren Montero’s audition on America’s Got Talent

“Shy singer surprises the judges with her great voice”, that’s how they titled the presentation of Keren Montero, winner of the second season of Dominicana’s Got Talent, on America’s Got Talent. And is not for less.

As in the local version, he shocked the strict judges who did not expect such a powerful voice to come out of that shy and even fragile appearance.

Before an audience surrendering to his voice, the jury, made up of Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, did not fail to point out his impressive talent, especially the last two.

“I think you gave yourself a real chance right now in this competition,” Heidi began her assessment for Keren. “You have such a powerful and beautiful voice. You sound beautiful,” she added, to applause from a moved audience.

Another who appreciated Keren’s talent was producer Howie Mandel, who praised her transformation from when she talks to when she starts singing. “I love the range of when you’re very soft-spoken… You made your country and your family proud,” he noted.

Finally, Simon, the strict judge of the edition, although he recognized his talent, he did highlight some points to improve, especially the selection of the song. “Honestly, the talent we’re seeing coming from all over the world this year is actually quite amazing. If you want my honest advice, it’s that when you come on a show like this or any other, you have to find a song and you have to convert it. in your unique version,” he advised.

He added: “I liked it, but I think sometimes you have to do something that nobody has done before.” This opinion earned the rejection of the public, who expressed it with boos, to which he added: “I’m just trying to be constructive.” And he concluded: “Thank you very much for coming, I really liked it a lot, I really want to say that.” It is not yet reported if the young Dominican will advance to the next stage of the popular American television program.

Keren became the winner of the second season of the Dominican’s Got Talent (DGT). The second season of Dominican’s Got Talent came to an end on the night of this Wednesday, March 10, at a live gala with a limited audience.

The teen singer, who won Nashla Bogaert’s Golden Buzzer in the first episode, took three million pesos in cash.

Between Keren Montero, Diego Jaar and Marteen Franko, the third most voted act and that obtained the third place was Marteen. Diego was in second place.

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Video | This was Keren Montero’s audition on America’s Got Talent