[VIDEO] Kelly Bates: this meteorologist tearfully announces she’s leaving her job after 17 years

Kelly Bates / TikTok

Kelly Bates is a former WJAR-10 meteorologist at Rhode Island who recorded a TikTok video announcing that she was leaving the television channel, which caused outrage among her followers because they considered her a great professional

Bates announced that she was “no longer employed” by NBC10 on her Twitter page. He said, “Today my career ended” in a TikTok video that you can watch later in this article. WJAR-10 is an affiliate station of NBC from Providence, Rhode Island.

Bates wrote on Twitter September 7, 2021: “Friends, that’s it. I wanted to let you know that I am no longer an employee of NBC10. Thank you for everything during the almost 20 years that I have had the privilege of being a trusted person in the community. It has been an incredible journey! “

She also shared a photo of her cat the same day, writing, “Ack! It’s one of those days when I have a million things to do and I completely lack the will to get in the shower. Halp! “

However, Vic Vetters, general manager of the Providence-based subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, dijo a Go Local: “The WJAR team is saddened that meteorologist Kelly Bates is leaving the station after nearly 17 great years together. Kelly finally decided it was time to move on and chose not to renew her contract with us. We thank Kelly for her dedication to WJAR and her commitment to keeping our viewers informed with critical weather updates throughout the years. We wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors. “

Go Local noted: “The station did not say if the contract was the same as the previous one or if there were any changes.”

This is what you need to know:

Bates announced the news on TikTok in tears: “I am no longer an employee of WJAR”

Bates’ TikTok video was very emotional, with tears filling her eyes. She wrote in the video: “Since 1995 I have been broadcasting the weather in New England, the last 17 years on the same station.”

“So today, today was an exciting day,” he says in the video. “Honestly, I didn’t think this day would be like this. But here I am, ”said Bates, thanking his followers for their messages. “I can’t wait to see what comes next. Right now I need a minute to breathe. Sorry, it’s too much. “

She captioned the video like this: “I am no longer an employee of WJAR. Thank you very much for tuning in. Sorry, I can’t make this thank you video without crying. ” He also wrote in the video: “My career ended today.”

His bio page on the WJAR-10 website is now removed. It read: “Kelly Bates joined Storm Team 10 in August 2004, forecasting the weather for NBC 10 News” and noted that she was nominated for an Emmy in 2004 and 2005.

His fans started a petition for Bates to return.

More than 4,600 people have signed a petition for Bates to return to television.

“Tell WJAR – NBC 10 that unless they return Kelly Bates to her normal weather slots and renew her contract FULL TIME, we will no longer be WJAR – NBC 10 viewers,” it reads.

“Kelly Bates has been doing the weather since 1996 and was just voted ‘Best Female Meteorologist’ by RI Monthly magazine. However, Kelly Love, younger and significantly less experienced, was hired to replace retired meteorologist Gary Ley, and Kelly Bates was awarded only a weekend contract. Kelly Love has only been doing the time since Fall 2009, as stated on her Linkedin account. Tell WJAR – NBC 10 that a person should not be given more importance just because they are younger!

Comments on the petition showed strong support for Bates:

“We love Kelly and her family as much as Frank Colletta! NBC 10, what a shame! “

“I will not watch the WJAR TV news until they apologize to Kelly Bates and raise her salary. Sinclair does not respect your professionalism and attractive personality. Sinclair aspires to be like Fox News. Well, they have lost a spectator. “

“This is a horrible decision by WJAR. I have been a faithful spectator all my life. Due to this decision by WJAR, I will not look at it anymore. Channel 12, here I come ”.

“We will miss you, Kelly. You were one of the main reasons I watched NBC 10. I feel sorry for all of us. “

Absolutely disgusting. I will never tune in to your news again. What a pity! Kelly was the best. What was the problem? What was plus size? Goodbye, NBC 10. “


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