July 4, 2021

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Video: Iván Marín presented to his followers who was his battle partner against covid-19

Video Ivan Marin presented to his followers who was his
Tomada de Instagram @ivanmarinsoyyo

Iván Marín, the renowned comedian, made an important confession to his followers through his Instagram account, where they reported that they had tested positive for covid-19 after having undergone a routine test to appear at one of the events in which that the couple constantly presents.

“Friends, I tell you that today, like the protocols that we always follow prior to a recording, we performed the covid test with such bad luck that we discovered that we tested positive with my wife, that here we are now if we are fulfilling the promise of health and in sickness ”, the comedian mentioned.

The information that was disseminated through his social networks and replicated by the entertainment program ‘Lo Sé Todo’, is seen Marín asking his fans to take care of themselves and that is something very strong, he also looked very concerned because he does not know where It could have been infected because a week before the test result had been negative.

“For this reason, today’s recording is canceled, because first of all at this moment we must take care of our health and protect my colleagues and the public attending so as not to expose them to the virus, they are loved and I will be informing them how this evolution is going” .

Later, he made other publications in the stories of his personal Instagram account where the progress of the disease is seen, leaving in evidence the affectation that he presents when breathing, which is why he had to buy an oxygen tank which he presents as his ‘battle buddy’.

The images were released by a page that is responsible for republishing the activity of celebrities on social networks, where it is seen that their voice is already affected and with difficulty breathing.

“I stop by to thank you for the hundreds of beautiful messages that you have sent to my wife and me, wishing us a recovery, believe me that it lifts our spirits a lot … I want to introduce you here to the battle partner … imagine now we have to pay for oxygen, how does one value the most fundamental things in life when health requires it ”, Marín mentioned on Instagram.

The former member of Comediantes de la Noche, took the opportunity to make a small complaint in which he warns of the high prices that specialized places are charging where oxygen is sold and the difficulty he had to get it.

“You cannot lower your guard in any small carelessness and acquire the virus, that is why it is important that you take care of yourself and your loved ones, for your love and good energy my God bless you”, the artist pointed out.

Iván Marín was born in Dos Quebradas, Risaralda. In his early days as a comedian and librettist, he worked on programs such as The Sniper Gang Y The Asylum of Vargas Vil on television and radio had spaces in La Luciérnaga, Zoo in the morning and La Zaranda. He achieved national recognition when he was part of the cast of RCN’s Stand Up Comedy Los comediantes de la noche in its five seasons.

As an actor, he was part of the main cast of feature films Don’t you know who I am? (2016) and If you know how I get on, why do you invite me? (2018), and starred in the film Ugly but tasty with Lina Cardona (2019).