VIDEO: Belinda is electrocuted in a program and assures that it was karma, a message to Christian Nodal?

The scandal that caused the rupture between Belinda Y Christian Nodal, each day it begins to dissipate more and more. Proof of this was Belinda’s recent foray into a program in Spain where she not only looked very happy but also relaxed and fun.

Since mid-February, When the couple formed between Christian Nodal and Belinda was dissolved, the artists gave very few statementsespecially the actress, who even decided to change her residence to Spain, where she is originally from.

It is precisely in the Iberian country where the interpreter of “Bella treason” reactivated her career with the production of Netflix’s “Welcome to Eden”, in addition to continuing to model. In the same way, he has appeared on some television programs to talk about his projects.

In this case, She was invited to appear in La Resistencia, where she looked spectacular, made some jokes and was even encouraged to watch pornography with host David Broncano.who caused her to speak like a Mexican and Spanish. However, a “slight” accident occurred when he manipulated a classic touch machine.

After taking out a “touch, touch” machine, Belinda tried to play a joke on the presenter, but the shot backfired, because a slight accident ended up giving him a tremendous touch and he got a couple of rude words out of him.

Broncano released the metal tubes when the device was on and Belinda carelessly touched them. He immediately released an “ay, cab…”, which sparked laughter and applause from the audience. At the end of so many laughs, Belinda interpreted the song “El rey” a cappella for all the Spaniards. However, what moved her the most was that she let out a scream in pure charro style and shouted “Long live Mexico!”

She started watching porn on the show

During the talk, Belinda imitated the accent of the Spaniards in the movies, “as if they were in a porn movie” and caused the laughter of the public, by showing her comic facet.

At some point in the conversation, the subject of adult cinema came up and David Broncano showed him a photo of the adult film star “Jordi el Niño Polla”. Belinda admitted not knowing the actor and thought it was a joke because “he looks like a 12-year-old boy, how is he going to be a porn actor.”

The surprised was the interpreter of ‘Sapito’, when the driver showed him images of the adult film actor on his computer. Belinda did not hide her shock and threw several profanities into the air while covering her face with her hands. Laughing, the singer apologized to her parents who were watching the show.

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VIDEO: Belinda is electrocuted in a program and assures that it was karma, a message to Christian Nodal?