June 10, 2021

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Verónica Castro’s health worries This prevents her from returning to television!

Veronica Castros health worries This prevents her from returning to

The alerts have been initiated after new versions were known that refer to the delicate state of health of the actress Veronica CastroIt was his brother who made the reasons for his absence known on television.

José Alberto “El Güero” Castro would reveal details about the health conditions he faces today Veronica Castro.

The Televisa producer was recently approached by the media who questioned him about these details, thus confirming the news that the actress, singer and TV presenter mexicana is delicate due to her current condition. As he commented:

Verónica has been suffering from severe pain in her back, from the problems that happened with “Big Brother” when she fell from the elephant. That, obviously, has been difficult for her, along with that and a pandemic like the one we have been through, it has been complicated, she declared.

El Güero “Castro, who currently produces the telenovela “La Desalmada”, starring Livia Brito and José Ron, assured that he does not rule out continuing in other productions

Likewise, he responded to the questions that were made about the reasons why he has not worked with “La Vero”.

As described by the producer, the remembered host of Late night shows on Mexican television, “Mala noche … No” and “La Movida”, some of the most popular of her career, today presents complications that prevent her return to the screen. girl.

Verónica Judith Sainz Castro suffered a fracture in her cervical vertebrae and an injury to her left arm when she fell from the animal, despite the fact that the incident occurred 15 years ago, the aftermath has not allowed her to fully return to work, she said.

So, it is a bit difficult to be able to work, but we hope that later we can do something, he continued

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These are the reasons why the also famous protagonist of “Rosa Salvaje”, “The rich also cry”, “The right to be born”, “Verónica: The face of love”, some of the most successful telenovelas on Mexican television , he has not been able to overcome this series of difficulties that have reduced his health.

It was just over a year ago that even the “mother of Christian Castro” incarnated the character of “Virginia” in “La Casa de las Flores” and later announced that she would take a break from show for a while.

Now it appears that the 68-year-old celebrity seems to face more obstacles that make her return to television more difficult and even less likely, according to what the producer revealed before the cameras of “Sale el Sol.”

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Will Angelica Rivera return to television?

In the middle of the talk, the obligatory question from the reporters was about the supposed return of the former “first lady” to the ranks of acting.

As far as I know, he has been with several talks and well … hopefully he will return to work soon, said the Las Estrellas collaborator.

On the other hand, Sofía’s father, Fernanda and Regina Castro, three of the daughters he fathered with the former actress, did not rule out being able to work alongside her former spouse.

If there was the possibility and the project existed, why not? She is a wonderful actress, a great companion, she is a great friend, she is the mother of my daughters, I respect her and I love her very much.

For what he reiterated, he would love to work alongside his ex-wife who he considers a talented actress and hopes that she will return to television very soon.

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This, in the midst of some questions about a new project on the melodrama of a “shampoo” which includes Victoria Ruffo, Marlene Favela and her daughter, Sofía Castro and about which she spoke more in depth about her sister’s health, Verónica Sainz Castro.