Verónica Castro defends her son Cristian Castro from criticism of her colorful changes of look

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after this week Cristian castro It became a topic of conversation for its crazy changes of look with whom he has appeared in the Argentine program “Sing with me now”, his mother, the first actress and television host, Veronica Castro He came to his defense on social media.

And it is that the appearance of the interpreter of “Azul” generated dozens of memes and criticism on the Internet, since it is not common to see him with yellow, purple or green hair, or wearing psychedelic and colorful costumes.

In this regard, his mother spoke on her Twitter account assuring that there is nothing wrong with her son’s appearance, because he is just having fun on television. “He has fun with himself, he doesn’t hurt anyone”wrote.

Verónica Castro comes out in defense of her son
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Cristian Castro responded to criticism for his appearance

This very week, it was Own Cristian castro who explained the origin of his radical and colorful changes of look that he uses in the program where he participates as a judge together with the Venezuelan José Luis Rodríguez, also known as “El Puma”.

According to his statements, he just wants to offer the audience something different every day despite the criticism.

“I am going to extremes just to have something different each edition of each programlet it be as different, and have fun too, it’s a moment of mine that I haven’t had a moment on television for a long time and I’m like having fun and making different looks,” he explained.

Cristian Castro reacted with humor to the memes for his image
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I’m trying to have some funexcited as a jury you have to differentiate yourself from everyone, It’s like a circus, I did some wacky looks. In one he looked like an underfed, underpaid Austin Powers,” he added.

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Verónica Castro defends her son Cristian Castro from criticism of her colorful changes of look