Vengeance is mine | Chapter 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 | Advance Resume

Advance chapters 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 of ‘Mine is revenge’

This is what will happen in ‘Vengeance is mine’ in the week of July 10 to 14, 2023. Don’t miss it!

advance or summary of what will happen in the chapters 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 from the series ‘revenge is mine‘.

We tell you how summarize what will happen in chapters 21 to 25 of ‘Vengeance is mine’. A small preview of what is to come in the daily series of Mediaset Telecinco.

Summaries of chapters 21 to 25 of ‘Vengeance is mine’

Chapter 21 – ‘Vengeance is Mine’

The financial problems of the club and the scandal carried out by sonia lead to think Mario that his plan of revenge begins to give results. The president of ‘Los Olivos’ is convinced that Lucas Moreno may be her anonymous stalker, an assumption that mountains discard. Besides, olivia and Mario strengthen their friendship, causing her sentimental relationship to falter with Bosco. Enriquemeanwhile, continues to stalk Lola, while the club’s employees prepare the annual solidarity market. Unable to pay the rent for the house, Orson he becomes homeless and is forced to sleep in the restaurant.

Chapter 22 – ‘Vengeance is Mine’

Enrique calls on Mario a huge sum of money in exchange for not revealing his true identity, a secret that sonia and mountains they might be about to find out. On the other hand, Sonia receives a visit from Isabel, an old and dear friend. Meanwhile, Orsonbeset by debts, lies to Ferdinand and manages to settle in the family home Gentleman. Likewise, Mario discovers that his revenge plan could fail if he does not also control Mario. olivia. In her effort to follow through with her vendetta, he gets too close to her.

Chapter 23 – ‘Vengeance is Mine’

Determined to conquer sonia, Alexander He asks her out to dinner and instead of refusing, she tells him that she should think about it. The discussions between olivia and Bosco they follow one another, threatening their romance. While, Mario he is supportive of Olivia and when he finds out that she is planning to get a massage, he makes sure that Lucy is not there and that he is the one who offers to give it to you. Olivia accepts her proposal and Mario takes the opportunity to hack into her mobile. The growing attraction between the two is accentuated. LawrenceFor his part, he has a stiff neck and although he initially refuses to let Lucía treat him, he ends up agreeing and is surprised by the beneficial effect of the massage.

Chapter 24 – ‘Vengeance is Mine’

After talking with her friend Isabel, sonia decides to go on a second date with Alexander and maybe something else, so it ends the services of Diego. Enrique go to the sports club to ask for more money from Mario, since he considers that the amount he had proposed is insufficient to buy his silence. In addition, he demands that the money be delivered to him Lola. Whitemeanwhile, try to find out if Lucy whether or not to reveal his secret, while Louisea member of ‘Los Olivos’, tries to get a job in an important chain of fashion stores.

Chapter 25 – ‘Vengeance is Mine’

While the employees of ‘Los Olivos’ finalize the preparations for the traditional solidarity market, Mario does not want that Lola go alone to deliver the money to Enrique. She, for her part, plans a risky solution, in which she would stand up to the abuser. Meanwhile, Isabel try to convince Alexander that you have to forget soniabut she surprises them during their conversation. Orson feel threatened by Ana seeing her talking to Ferdinand, but she manages to manage the situation to sleep with the chef. The complicity between Mario and olivia increases and she decides to stand up to her mother to leave home. Furthermore, Mario is forced to intervene when he discovers that the encounter between Lola and Enrique has had a tragic ending.

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Vengeance is mine | Chapter 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 | Advance Resume