Users were surprised by the Mexican television icon He no longer hides his age!

The actress, Veronica Castro, is one of the legends of Mexican television and who for years has been one of the most beautiful women, recently this perception would have changed after her fans managed to see her without a drop of makeup and her hair full of gray in a recent photo on Instagram.

The one who was interpreter of novels like “Rosa Salvaje”, “The rich also cry”, “The Right to be born” and many other successes of Mexican television, Veronica Castro, reappeared on social networks and the reactions did not wait.

The actress, singer and “Mexican television presenter“, remembered for her past participation in” Late night shows “, including” Bad night … no! “and later,” Here it is! “, reappeared in a photograph on Instagram and has left everyone speechless with his new image He looks completely different!

The 68-year-old artist looked devoid of any beautification gadget and was shown without a drop of makeup and a white hair full of gray in a postcard shared from the account @rosaalamexicana.

Sometimes life puts you on your way Angels when you least expect it … Thank you Verónica Castro for so much! … My admiration for always @vrocastroficial, was read in the message that accompanied the publication,

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For many it was clear that the iconic blue-eyed artist, Verónica Judith Sainz Castro, is enjoying her retirement from the small screen a lot, although on the other hand the comments were not lacking towards Christian Castro’s mother.

The sister of the famous producer José Alberto, “Güero” Castro, recently reappeared to thank Rocío Loya, the owner of the national accessories firm, who sent her earrings designed specifically for her.

Of a Mexican pink color, “La Vero” appeared wearing the pair of accessories which matched the color of her blouse. However, what surprised her fans the most was seeing her completely natural.

Her curly hair covered in gray hair and her face without any makeup made her look totally different from the image she always wore on the screen. Despite this, many other of his admirers did not hesitate to flatter the actress of “La Casa de las Flores”.

Beautiful hair, ‘Precious unique’, ‘Gorgeous !!’ Mrs. Veronica Castro !!! ‘,’ What beautiful earrings ‘,’ How much beauty our Vero ‘,’ The best model! Total success’, ‘It’s beautiful’.

Verónica Castro, who gave life to Virginia, a character in the Netflix series produced by Manolo Caro, has remained inactive for several months and away from both the spotlight and social networks.

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During her career, Verónica Castro carried out an infinity of projects that catapulted her on the small screen inside and outside of Mexico, one of her most recent participations was in the seventh art in which she collaborated in the film “Dime when you”.

This production premiered in December last year and was also very successful.

He recovers from a mishap.

Verónica Judith Sainz Castro would have had a serious incident in 2004 which left her some serious injuries to her spine, commented producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, who recently revealed more details about his state of health.

Verónica has been suffering from a strong problem since the problems that happened in Big Brother, when she fell with the elephant and all that on her back. It has been difficult for her and added to it, a pandemic like the one we have experienced right now has been complicated, she told the media.

This, after the producer of the new telenovela “La Desalmada” that is about to premiere on July 5, was questioned about the reasons why Verónica Judith retired from television

The producer revealed the reasons why he has not invited the star to participate together in one of his projects, at the same time, he stressed, he trusts that very soon, his sister will overcome difficulties and can do something together, he commented through a talk on the program “Sale el sol”.

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On the other hand, Sainz Castro herself would reveal to Pati Chapoy the viácrucis that this has represented, particularly with regard to the departure of her mother, Doña Socorro, who left in March 2020.

Cost me a lot of work. I went from hospital to hospital, I got sick, I can’t tell lies. My bile spilled, I was scared very ugly, all my joints ached, a lot of arthritis, a lot of ugly things, he pointed out.