Univision announces series that will premiere in 2021-2022: Know the schedules

Univision Announces Series That Premieres in 2021-2022 | NowMyism.com

Univision announces series that will premiere in 2021-2022: Know the schedules


Actress Angelique Boyer will star in one of Univision’s new television series.

Univision announced the series that will soon be released in the programming guide in the 2021-2022 period.

The announcement of the prestigious television network was made on the Upfront that took place virtually on the morning of Tuesday, May 18.

Unlike previous years, Univision opted for a digital event that had the presence of talents such as Alejandra Espinoza to announce with great fanfare what they will be premiering in their programming soon.

So far, the premiere date for each television series is unknown, but the vast majority will be part of the primetime programming.

Learn about everything that will premiere on Univision during 2021 and 2022:

  • “Overcome the past” – After the success of “Overcome fear” and “Overcome heartbreak”, the third part of the popular anthology “Overcome the past” brings us once again a story of female empowerment. Starring Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli, and Erika Buenfil, and produced by Rosy Ocampo, this family-friendly drama tells the story of four very different women trying to overcome misfortunes. Realizing that what is posted on social media is never erased, they must find a solution to live in the present and focus on a positive future if they want to overcome past obstacles. (Primetime – Univision).
  • “The soulless one” – Starring José Ron and Livia Brito, this romantic melodrama offers love, passion, and unexpected twists and turns in Univision’s primetime. Produced by José Alberto “El Güero” Castro (“Doctors,” “For loving without law”), the story centers on a woman who seeks revenge for past abuses and faces unexpected situations. The mission of the main character, Fernanda, is to get revenge on a man who hurt her physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, her memory is not clear, leading her to doubt and make mistakes in judgment. When she meets Rafael, she falls madly in love with him, but later mistakes him for the man who hurt her. Over time, as his memory clears, he realizes his mistake and that it was not Rafael, but his father, who ruined his life. (Primetime – Univision).
  • “Rich people cry too” – After the success of “Cuna de lobos”, “La usurpadora” and “Rubí”, the anthology “La Colección”, with modern versions for a new generation of the most popular classics, will premiere its fourth series on Univision. Produced by Carlos Bardasano from W Studios (“The dragon”, “The pilot”, “Amar a muerte”, “Rubí” and “Como tú no hay 2”), this drama tells the story of Mariana, an intelligent and humble girl that by chance saves the life of Don Alberto, a rich patriarch and owner of the largest business conglomerate in Mexico. (Primetime – Univision).
  • “Genesis” – This new series marks the return to our screens of epic dramas. “Genesis” will tell the audience the story of the first book of the Bible, one of the best known in the world. Created by Record TV, the successful Brazilian production company known for “Jesús”, one of the most popular historical dramas broadcast by Univision, this biblical drama tells the well-known stories of creation, the Garden of Eden, Caín and Abel, Noé, el diluvio and the Tower of Babel, among others. (Primetime – Univision).
  • “SOS I’m falling in love” – This inspiring drama for the whole family will have the audience melting. Starring Daniel Arenas and Iran Castillo, and produced by Lucero Suárez (“I give you life,” “Ringo”), “SOS I’m falling in love” tells the story of Alberto, who must reach an agreement to save the printing business that his family has had for several generations. The deal, which seemed favorable, soon fell apart because its “new” partners have other plans for the workshop site. Things get complicated when Alberto falls in love with the daughter of one of the partners. The bond between them is deep, but they must overcome many obstacles to become a happy family. (Primetime – Univision).
  • “Single with daughters” – This family comedy tells the story of Nicolás and Victoria, who love and hate each other at the same time. Life surprises them and they end up forming a beautiful, funny and peculiar family with Nicolás’s three orphan nieces: Camila, Alexa and Sofi. Nicolás is the public relations manager of a prestigious hotel in Acapulco who lives without worries and, in fact, does not believe in love or marriage. However, a tragic accident leaves him in charge of his three nieces. Victoria Robles is the polar opposite and wants to have a family and be a mother. However, she receives a devastating diagnosis that prevents her from conceiving, which causes her great sorrow that deepens when Mauricio, whom she is about to marry, cancels the wedding on the eve. (Primetime – Univision).
  • “Neighbours” – This popular and fun comedy returns at the end of the year for its 10th and 11th seasons. “Neighbors” is about the life of a group of residents of an apartment building and the relationship between them, their problems and peculiar anecdotes. (Primetime – Univision).
  • “Dr. Cándido Pérez “ – It’s a new version of the 90s comedy “Dr. Cándido Pérez ”, starring Arath de la Torre and Iran Castillo. It tells the story of the charismatic gynecologist Cándido Pérez (Arath de la Torre) and the funny incidents at his work. He is accompanied by a group of friendly, funny and eccentric characters, and together they create unforgettable moments of great nostalgia, while touching on important current issues. (Primetime – Univision).

Univision released the list of series that will premiere in its programming guide in 2021-2022.