Ugly Betty: What will the series that Amazon revives 25 years after the original be about

“I am Ugly Betty” returns as “Ugly Betty” on Amazon Prime Video, for a second season 20 years after the events at Ecomoda that linked Betty and Armando for the first time. What will the story be about? There are some clues that have been released about the television series, which will premiere in 2024.

Ugly Betty is the name he has given Amazon Prime Video to the new season of the original series, “I am Betty the Ugly one”the most famous dramatic television show on Colombian television and which has broken several Guinness records.

Betty returns 20 years after the events in “I am Ugly Betty”, only this time she does it for Amazon.

For this new season, which will appear on the screens of a new world, with companies that transmit content on demand over the Internet, it is expected to premiere in 2024, and will feature the original protagonists: Ana Maria Orozco as Beatriz “Betty” Pinzón Solano and Jorge Enrique Abellowho will resume his role as Don Armando Mendozathe husband of Betty and father of Camila “Mila” (Juanita Molina)the daughter we met of the couple in the sequel “comfortable” of the year 2001 and that could not revive the success of the original series.

In addition, it has been confirmed that some of the characters from the team of villains will return, especially the three funniest and cruelest that are remembered from the first season. Hugo Lombardiwhich will be played by the first actor Julian Arango, Marcela Valencia (Natalia Ramirez)the businesswoman and partner of armando mendoza that she was going to marry him until he appeared Bettyand Patricia “Paty” Fernandez (Lorna Paz)the best friend of Marcelaa very attractive woman, who is broke, and who never finished her finance studies at San Marino University and who lives in the shadow of Marcela.

About the rest of the characters, especially the beloved Nicolas Mora (Mario Duarte), betty’s best frienda brilliant accountant who was in love with Patricia Fernández and who was about to fall into her networks, and who became Beatriz’s best support when things in the company ecocomfort they turned ant-colored. Nor has the return of the “Ugly Barracks” been confirmed, as the friends of Betty: Aura María (Stefanía Gómez), Bertha (Luces Velásquez), Sandra (Marcela Posada) and Mariana (María Eugenia Arboleda). As to Inesita (Dora Cadavid)unfortunately the veteran actress passed away in 2022, just like Celmira Luzardowho played catalina angelthe businesswoman who rescued Betty and he took her to Cartagena so that she could surpass armando mendoza.

What will be the plot of Amazon’s Ugly Betty?

Ugly Betty returns 25 years later via Amazon.

As more and more days pass since the original announcement of the release of “Ugly Betty”, more details of what will be the Colombian production are being revealed. This time we will focus on the plot of the new series, which, as is already known, will feature the marriage between Armando and Bettybut it will also address the life of his daughter Camila or “Mila” (Juanita Molina) that for purposes of fiction, he would already be in his adolescence. Unfortunately the creator of “I am Betty the Ugly one”, Fernando Gaitanwill not see the return through the front door of his masterpiece, since he died in 2019.

As reported in some Latin American media, “Ugly Betty” follow the steps of Bettya woman already in her adulthood who followed the path of business empowerment who is in charge of a family business, but at the same time tries to rebuild her relationship with milathe teenage daughter of the businesswoman. Also, as is customary in this story, it will be seen the professional part of Bettywhen you have to face some problems in your company, and you wonder if you made the best decision 20 years ago, and if you are truly happy.

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Ugly Betty: What will the series that Amazon revives 25 years after the original be about