Two Latina sisters open a clothing line to help the undocumented community

missing is the money.ayén: we have to saveBorja: I’m looking forward to goingto space, if someonewants to sponsor.pamela: the month starts todayof Hispanic heritage andwe remember the value ofcontribution in the development ofthis country.borja: to show a boón.let’s talk about an examplelatin handscontributing to developmentfrom the united states.they are two sisters and they areowners of the project in theangels. the funds thatreceive for their creationswith very positive messagesthey are destined to help othersimmigrants.Pamela: both are protectedfor daca. they are now livewith us.How did this creative andcute projects?because we started theuniversity and we neededbuy our books forthe school. we did notstarted working andwe started what we wantstart our ownbusiness.then my father listened to usand he went to his room and said 100olars.I invested in buying clothesold and t-shirts. itwe did for a while but norepresented us and was veryIt was from us, from ourcommunity then we put togetherthe savings and there theadelita’s idea.there was not much help forundocumented people. we thinkwhich was a good way tohelp.borja: let me tell you verynecessary but we wereseeing the designs that arereally original and mecuriosity arises howchoose the designs that go>> and happy if,we were able to help each otherwith another undocumented person whohelped us. his name is brianmountains and everything we doit’s for the community. something thathelps us feel moreproud and embedded bywhat we are because whatwe are only evaluatedfor the money.pamela: you mentioned thepurpose of this compía ishelp beneficiaries ofif.>> we put together everythinglet’s get together know money goesfor beneficiariesthen we open ourapplication, we have somefull applications. thewe close to be able to haveenough time forraise the funds. onhow much we put together the 500, whatwe send the person whofollow. we look at whenyour daca is going to expire. butalways the priority iswhen yourif.borja: I had not imagineda better way, a betterinterview to start theHispanic Heritage Month.

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