TV host offers $ 100,000 for Miami-Dade shooting data

TV host offers $ 100,000 reward for Miami-Dade shooting data

Marcus Lemonis offers reward for information about the shooting (Collage: Samdpark-Wikimedia Commons and Alex Rizo-Twitter)

Renowned businessman and television personality Marcus Lemonis has offered a reward of $ 100,000 out of his own pocket for anyone who helps uncover the identity of those responsible for the Miami-Dade shooting that left two dead and more than 20 injured.

Lemonis, CEO of Camping World and host of The Profit On CNBC, he indicated on his social networks that he wants to help the authorities of the town where he grew up find those responsible for the act that occurred during the early hours of today.

“I am offering $ 100,000 as a reward to help authorities in the town I grew up in, Miami-Dade, arrest and lock up suspects … please share,” wrote Lemonis, who currently resides in Illinois.

The shocking incident occurred at dawn this Sunday, in a Miami-Dade venue that was offering a concert.

According to authorities, a white Nissan Pathfinder pickup approached the scene shortly after midnight. Three people got out of the vehicle and opened fire indiscriminately at the crowd, killing two and injuring 25 others.

The subjects boarded the vehicle again and escaped the scene before authorities could arrive.

Miami-Dade firefighters arrived on the scene and provided first aid to the survivors. According to the police, two of the victims are in critical condition and currently require the help of machines to stay alive.

The head of the Miami-Dade Police Department, Alfredo Ramírez, described what happened tonight as an “act of cowardice.”

Similarly, Ramírez thanked Lemonis’ gesture on social media, asking the community to share information that could help them solve the case, which so far has cost two people’s lives.

“Very grateful for your contribution Marcus Lemonis! This is our community and we are strong together. We need our county to come forward with information, if you know something, you can remain anonymous by calling the Crime Stoppers line at 305-471-8477, ”Ramírez said on Twitter.

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