TV Azteca would have kicked Adrián Uribe out of the project for a powerful reason

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In the middle of last month it transpired that Adrian Uribe he had been hired by TV Azteca to host the program “I’m famous, get me out of here!”but the driver denied the rumours.

“They said I’m going to be the host of a new reality show on TV Azteca, it’s a lie, we have no agreement with TV Azteca,” he clarified to several media outlets, including Telefórmula.

However, it was revealed that the Ajusco television station had considered Uribe to join their ranks, although he ruled him out because he supposedly wanted a millionaire contract.

According to the YouTube channel “Chacaleo”, a specialist in show business, the company’s top managers “sent the actor away” because he asked for a lot of money and high benefits.

“Everything was going perfect (in the negotiations), until Adrián Uribe entered the part of the money, a point at which the interested parties could not reach an agreement, since the comedian launched himself with everything demanding a high remuneration, in addition to high benefits”, revealed the consulted source.

What would Adrián Uribe have asked of TV Azteca?

In addition to allegedly asking for a millionaire amount, which was not revealed, Uribe would have demanded an apartment and a luxury truck with everything and a driver; as well as high-end telephone equipment, travel expenses in case he had to leave Mexico City, expensive changing rooms and the additional payment of two assistants for his personal care.

“Chacaleo” also reported that, through his representative, the comedian stated that he made such demands because he had a very important project in the United States and, “since he pays in dollars there, so he wanted Aztec TV match the sum so that he would not lose out”.

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However, said project was supposedly just a screen to impress TV Azteca, “because to date no television station in the neighboring country has offered something interesting to Adrian Uribe“.

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TV Azteca would have kicked Adrián Uribe out of the project for a powerful reason