Turkish actress Cansu Dere reappears and explains the surprising reason behind her disappearance

Cansu Dere, the renowned Turkish actress thanks to thean incarnation of popular characters in Middle Eastern novels, was part of fakenews that claimed his death at the same time as the earthquakes that shook Turkey about a month ago.

Without concrete answers, fans demonstrated on social networks, beginning to echo the situation, some with messages of condolences for the prompt departure of his idol and others asking more details on the information provided.

Cansu Dere has not died, he will participate in an event after the fateful earthquakes in Turkey, what is known?

Time after fans greeted the statement with relief from the journalist Birsen Altuntas. The communicator confirmed that Cansu Dere will be part of a telethon in order to raise funds to shake hands with the victims of the earthquake, in this way, the rumors around his death were put aside.

However, No statement had been obtained from the actress herself. This time, the same journalist who dismissed her death managed to contact the artist by phone, who explained that she had suffered an accident at home.

This is what is known about the Turkish actors after the earthquake that shook the Middle Eastern country

The mishap caused an injured heel, same as has impeded their normal movement, reason why you have not wanted to leave your residence until fully recovered. When asked about the reason behind his disappearance from the media, Dere reported that “I didn’t want to worry anyone, I’m not someone who uses social media a lot anyway,” he recounted in an interview with CNN.

“I want to use Instagram as an album where I share my happy moments.”

The Turkish actress maintains a contract with Disney due to his future participation in the series ‘Personality’ and is the protagonist of the soap opera currently broadcast on Ecuavisa ‘Amor de Madre’.

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Turkish actress Cansu Dere reappears and explains the surprising reason behind her disappearance