Tini gave De Paul the worst news a month before the World Cup: “He’s desperate”

Tiny Stoessehe Y Rodrigo DePaul They are in the eye of the storm due to the strong rumors of a crisis in the relationship. The artist, who is in full tour of Latin American countries and the interior of the country, analyzes giving the footballer bad news before the start of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

What happened between Tini and De Paul keeps everyone on edge. It is that the rupture of the relationship is getting stronger, so this situation was replicated through the program Show Partnersconducted by Rodrigo Lussich in The thirteen. There they revealed details that were not very hopeful.

“I am in a position to affirm that Tini would not only have made the determination to end the relationship, but would have blocked it from all sides,” he said. Luli Fernandezcycle panelist. The reasons that led the singer to end her courtship is that she “is tired of a lot of situations that she did not like or convince her of.”

A In turn, Luli assured that “Tini would be very angry and he is the one who is desperate to talk to her again.” Both are very focused on their work activities: on the one hand, the singer performed in Brazil and is scheduled to return to Argentina in November; while De Paul puts the focus on the Qatar 2022 World Cup with the Argentine National Team while accumulating minutes in the Atletico Madrid.

Camila Homs spoke about a possible reconciliation with Rodrigo De Paul

Camila Homs He broke the silence after quite a while and talked about his relationship with Rodrigo DePaul. Although he is currently in a relationship with the businessman Charly Benvenuto, he slipped the possibility of a reconciliation with the footballer and explained what would happen in case there is an approach.

In the midst of the scandal that puts at stake the romance between Rodrigo De Paul and Tini StoesselCamila Homs indicated what she thinks about it. “I have nothing to say,” he said at first, while then an “I’m not surprised” escaped him. The media gave statements to the mobile of Show Partnersprogram that drives Rodrigo Lussich by The Trecand.

“I don’t know if it will be true or not, the media lie a lot, but it’s rare,” he said about the possible break between the soccer player and the singer. “It doesn’t involve me, so I don’t have an opinion about things that don’t involve me, I have nothing to do with their relationship,” he pointed out forcefully.

At that time, the notero asked him if there is still love between them and wanted to know what would happen if there is an approach by De Paul. “I appreciate it, obviously, he’s the father of my children. I don’t know, guys, you’re asking me a lot. I can’t answer it. Not today, I’m super good like this,” Camila considered, suggesting that she is currently in love with Benvenuto, although she did not close the doors to what happens in the future.

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Tini gave De Paul the worst news a month before the World Cup: “He’s desperate”