Tinelli defeated Doctor Milagro and lost to Masterchef

The return of Marcelo Tinelli to television with his ShowMatch allowed him to The thirteen raise the rating measurements in “prime time” and was shaping up to fight to be the most watched program of the day, although at the time of the competition it beat the Turkish novel of Telefe, Doctor Miracle and fell in front of MasterChef Celebrity from the same station.

The expectation for Tinelli’s return was great and at 21:10, in his new schedule, he started with a floor of 16.8 measuring points, while Telefe News It was at 10.4, according to data from the Kantar Ibope meter.

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At 21:17, ShowMatch he continued with his opening at 17.9 points and already Doctor Miracle, on Telefe, it was at 11.2 points. The advantage of Tinelli’s cycle was maintained 10 minutes later, with 19.7 against 11.8 points.

At 21:36, ShowMatch was at 19.3 points and Doctor Miracle at 13.3 points.

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Already at 21:46, Tinelli touched 20.2 rating points and Doctor Miracle did 13.6, while 22:09 ShowMatch maintained its wide advantage with 19.2 points against the 15.1 points of the Turkish novel, which began to grow as it prepared to start MasterChef Celebrity.

At 22:36, ShowMatch it remained with 19.3 points and the Santiago del Moro cycle began with 15.3 points.

But minutes before 23 ShowMatch dropped to 17.9 points and MasterChef Celebrity it led with 18.9 rating points.

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At 23:02, Tinelli began to say goodbye and the measurement of his program dropped to 15.8 points while Del Moro remained with 18.4 points.

And once it was over ShowMatch, MasterChef Celebrity he began to climb and reached 21 points at 23:20.

In that sense, the program The thirteen It reached a rating peak of 20.7, while the one led by Del Moro surpassed the 21-point barrier, but without Tinelli in the competition.