This will be the second season of ‘The White Lotus’, the series that won 10 Emmys

“Every time I stay at a White Lotus, I have a memorable stay. Always,” announces Tanya, the character played by Jennifer Coolidge. This time, however, the production of HBO It is not set on the island of Maui (Hawaii), where they shot at a Four Seasons hotel in the midst of a pandemic. They do it in Sicily (Italy) for a new choral story about privilege with humor and tension as the main ingredients and the most awarded series label in the latest edition of the emmy awards with a total of 10 statuettes, including the best limited series, script and direction.

In July 2021 the miniseries premiered The White Lotus. Critics were interested because its creator Mike White had signed a cult series like enlightened with Laura Dern but the chances of success were up in the air. But the criticism reached the offices of HBO: they were told that they had a treasure. The hearings also accompanied. And, in the midst of high temperatures, they achieved the Holy Grail in times of excess television supply: driving the television conversation of the media and series lovers.

The second season, again written and directed by Mike White, was shot in Sicily after the first set in Maui.

White was quick of reflexes. He knew what it was to suffer for the continuity of a series (enlightened was canceled after two seasons), so he didn’t think twice when he was told to write a second season. Unlike other television authors, who ask for his mind to be oxygenated, he did not take long to prepare it: on October 30 the new episodes are released. And this is what the full trailer looks like:

Only two characters repeat: Jon Gries and a Jennifer Coolidge who won the Emmy for best secondary as Tanya. They fell in love in Maui, got married after their stay there and now live the beginning of their marriage in Italy, again staying in a White Lotus. But the rich heiress has a suspicion: that he is cheating on her.

Among the other guests, we can also see Aubrey Plaza (Parks and recreation) and Will Sharpe (Giri Haji) as a married couple who became rich overnight and suddenly have the kind of friends she’s not that excited about: posh guys played by Theo James (sanditon) and Meghan Fahy (The bold type).

Jennifer Coolidge won the Emmy for best supporting actress for the first season.


And, while Italian actress Sabrina Impacciatore (Napoleon and me) holds the position of hotel manager, F. Murray Abraham (Mythic Quest), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), Adam DiMarco (The Magicians) have a controversial family trip without women, Tom Hollander (pride and prejudice) is another of the travelers who stop by the luxury hotel.

“It definitely feels like The White Lotus but the theme is different: it is not about power dynamics but about men and women and sexual politics”, advanced Mike Whitewho again writes and directs all the episodes of the season, which are seven and were shot at the Palacio San Domenico hotel, currently a Four Seasons.

It will not be about “power dynamics” but this time it will focus on the “sexual politics” of men and women

If HBO is interested in a third season, in addition, White is clear: he wants to do it and, in addition, he would like to recover a couple of characters from the Hawaiian season. And, for those who want to see the start of the second season before anyone else, on October 22 it can be seen in Barcelona as part of the Serialized Fest.

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This will be the second season of ‘The White Lotus’, the series that won 10 Emmys