This was the most watched series on HBO after “The Last of Us”, but its end was tragic

The world of streaming platforms is once again weighed down by cancellations.

This series doesn’t deserve this ending.

There are series that have defeated “The Last of Us” and others like “Game of Thrones”, the only one more watched on HBO than Joel and Ellie’s adventure. However, there was a series that took overwas very successful and has been unfairly canceled by HBO Max but it still deserves a viewing due to the quality it showed. In this way, the HBO Max catalog has lost a series that has been very successful.

We are talking about “Perry Mason”, a series that has suffered one of the most unfair cancellations in recent years. Let’s see what she was about and why she’s still worth watching.

Perry Mason: a series that is worth it despite its cancellation

“Perry Mason” was a series that followed the adventures of the homonymous detective. It was a remake of a series from the eighties that was itself a remake of another series from the sixties. In her, Mason had to try to break up a child abduction plot. within the framework of a Los Angeles totally depressed by the crisis produced by the “crack” of 1929. In this situation, Mason became a gray figure that will be affected by the flourishing gain in importance of the evangelical christianityone of the branches of Christianity that most success are also gaining in our present.

In this way, between extremism and various crimes, Mason’s life will take a 180º turn, from becoming a man destroyed by memories of WWI until rising like the wall against these excesses. However he will pay dearly and he will have to shine both in his facet as a private detective and in his vision of law as a lawyer.

The cast is full of award-winning figures, among which Matthew Rhys, who was nominated for an Emmy for his performance in this iconic series, shines with special brilliance.

As for the reasons to watch it:

  • This is a series that is quite reminiscent of “Peaky Blinders” as it explores the life of a World War I veteran who has been changed forever by this conflict.
  • The series is located in the year 1932, moment of the Great Depression in which the United States was in a terrible economic situation but from which they managed to escape.
  • Perry Mason is a character that draws you in because of his realism, his humanity, the way he acts and all the nuances he has.
  • The movie focuses on uncovering a child kidnapping plot, which makes it very interesting.
  • It also connects with rise of evangelical Christianity at that timemoment in which it began to gain a lot of importance in the city of Los Angeles.
  • The villain is sensational in her role.

Unfortunately we will not be able to see more seasons of “Perry Mason”, being the third series canceled so far this year. Despite this, he managed to be the second most watched series after “The Last of Us” but we will be left wanting to continue knowing how the plot progresses in this solid series with the incredible invoice that HBO Max series are used to.

In any case, if you want to give its interesting first two seasons a try, you can do so at HBO Max.

Watch “Perry Mason” on HBO Max

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This was the most watched series on HBO after “The Last of Us”, but its end was tragic