This is Tivify, the platform to watch and record DTT for free

What is Tivify

Tivify is a streaming platform that allows us to watch television for free. More than 80 channels available online and the possibility of watching the latest broadcasts or recording the content with up to 150 hours of free cloud storage to see something again or to see what we have missed. We can see live content and channels but also cinema, programs and series broadcast in the last seven days if we want to see them à la carte and whenever we want.

It is a platform with a free option and with payment plans in which we can register to access from applications for mobiles and tablets, for browsers through the website or from apps for Smart TV.

Price, plans and test

Tivify is free if we choose the Free plan but there are also payment plans with more options, the Plus Plan and the Premium Plan. They all allow us live channels although the payment options allow us more linked devices, simultaneous viewing or premium channels.

Plan Free: 80 free-to-air television channels, three linked devices, one simultaneous viewing, sixty hours of recordings for 30 days, access limited to the last seven days on some channels, program restart and control, access to iGuide TV and multi-screen and multi-device. You need registration but you don’t have to pay anything, just fill in your details and access through the application or from the web browser.

Plan Plus: For 4.99 euros per month it includes more than eighty free channels and six premium thematic channels. Allows up to five paired devices, two simultaneous views, and up to 150 hours of recordings in the cloud with availability of 90 days in these recordings. In addition, also unlimited access to the last seven days in authorized channels or program restart and control. It also allows access to iGuide TV and Tivify’s multi-screen and multi-device features.

Plan Premium: For 9.99 euros per month and with more options than all the previous ones. It has eighty free channels but the premium channels are 15 in total. The devices are similar to the Plus plan: up to five paired devices, two simultaneous displays. The recordings are also the same: up to 150 hours of recordings in the cloud with availability of 90 days in these recordings along with unlimited access to the last seven days on authorized channels, restart and control of programs, iGuide TV, multi-screen and multi-device. The main difference is that there are more premium channels included.

The plans they have no trial period but you can use it for free for a limited time. If you want to try the interface, just sign up for the Free plan at no cost. Payments can be made by card through Visa, Mastercard or with PayPal. And there is no type of permanence since they are plans monthly, you can unsubscribe whenever you want.


All the channels and options that Tivify allows us to watch, record …


What channels are there? All plans include more than eighty channels, including the free one. DTT channels that we can see through the Internet without the need for an antenna or if you want to see it from the tablet, computer or any other device. Among them are La 1, La 2, Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco, La Sexta and other secondary channels such as Nova, Neox, Energy, Paramount Comedy, Clan, Boing, 24h, Teledeporte … As well as regional and local channels such as Canal Sur , TVG2, Canal Extremadura and many more.

In addition to the free or included ones there are others premium themed like Surf, Mezzo, Motorvision, Mezzo Live TV, Barça TV, Betis TV, Sevilla FC Television …



One of the advantages of Tivify is that it also allows us to access a streaming application guide and integrate content from other platforms into a single app, but with limits. That is, we cannot see Netflix or HBO content from the Tivify application, but rather we can see the fashion series or recommendations in the “App Guide” section. When choosing one or touching to play, redirects us to the web or application of that platform streaming that we must access from our account. That is, it is not like the Amazon Prime Video channels that integrate the content within the app itself, but we can see the recommendations and news and then move to the corresponding app.

In the case of applications, you need to have all of them installed. If not, it takes you to the store apps from your mobile or tablet to download. In the case of the browser, what it will do is take us to the Netflix website, HBO or whatever corresponds. It has compatibility with Spotify, Mitele, DAZN, Disney +, YouTube, Prime Video …



You can link a number of devices to your account or another depending on the plan you choose. The free plan allows us up to three linked devices and a single view, so simultaneous views are not supported. The Plus Plan, meanwhile, allows us up to five linked devices and two simultaneous views so you can share it. And the Premium Plan also shares these characteristics despite being more expensive and with other options: up to five paired devices and two simultaneous views per account.

The devices that are supported are TVs, media players, tablets, mobiles, and computers. Specifically, it is available on devices Android TV, tablets y smartphone de Android; on iPhone and iPad; on Amazon devices like Fire TV or Fire tablets; in browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari; and on Smart TV, such as Android TV or televisions of the Samsung and LG brands depending on the model.

We can consult the specific models of each one and the compatibility from the Tivify website if you have questions about whether or not your TV is compatible with this TV app.


Cloud recording

One of the options that all plans allow us, including the free one, is recording in the cloud of programs or series that we have not been able to see and that we are interested in seeing later. Depending on the plan we have, we have some hours or others and a few days more or less to see them. From thirty days to ninety days then stored depending on the plan you have or pay for.

To record, we simply go to the TV guide and we press the big red button what about the thumbnail. As in most decoders or similar apps, allows us to choose if we want to record the specific chapter that is being broadcast or we want to record the specific season so that all programs are recorded.


Once we have recorded or programmed it, we simply have to go to the section “My recordings” where we will see everything that is available or programmed at that time. We can see it from the browser or apps.

Tivify recording

iGuide TV / Guia TV

iGuide is a complete guide to the contents that allows you to see what is most relevant at all times or what are the series and movies or programs that you should not miss. All plans include access to iGuide.TV to know what’s on TV at the moment.

We will see several rows or carousels similar to Netflix or Disney + where we will see what is at that time, what is the most watched on television and when it is broadcast (time and date) in addition to other rows with recommendations that you should not miss, with top cinema, top series, top children’s or upcoming films in broadcast as well as new chapters soon in the TV.


But on the other hand

We can register for free from the Tivify website. Simply go from the browser to and tap on the button “Sign up for free”. Fill in your data: you must enter your name, surname, postal code and email and password. You should not give bank details if you bet on the option without cost. Once you have filled in your password and email, Tivify allows us to choose between the Plus and Free plans at that time (the Premium plan is not available at the moment) and confirm our registration.

We can choose to add a discount or coupon code if we have a promotion that makes it cheaper for us or with which we save something from month to month.


Once you have chosen and registered everything, confirm with “Register” and you will be able to access your profile and see all the available channels, programs, etc.