This is the life of Constanza Creel 4 years after the death of Edith González

Last June 13 marked the 4th anniversary of the death of Edith González, so the media took on the task of investigating what the new life of Constanza Creel, the daughter of the late soap opera actress, is like, revealing that she He is well and protected by the love of his father’s wife.

Edith González’s friend reveals intimate details of the life of Constanza Creel

Recently, a close friend of the late actress, Lorena Velázquez, told the media that, although she has seen little of Constanza, she knows that Edith González’s daughter is in good condition and is a happy young woman.

“I have seen Constanza twice only because she is living with her father, with her little sisters and she is very happy with Paulina (Velasco), Santiago’s (Creel) wife, and she has, well, her new family and I am happy to that she is happy”, Velázquez told the program “De primera mano”.

Edith González and her daughter Constanza Creel. Photo: Instagram

How is the new life of the daughter of Edith González?

“She already feels sheltered, she already feels affectionate, with little sisters, with a lady like Paulina who cares about her and her father who, of course, takes great care of her, she loves him very much and everything seems to be going very well,” he stressed. .

It should be noted that Constanza Creel was only 14 years old when her mother died on June 13, 2019, so she is now of legal age, that is, 18 years old, and she is a young woman with great dreams and values, since He has been seen on several occasions practicing as an activist for feminism.

Edith Gonzales and her daughter
Edith Gonzales and her daughter. Photo: Instagram

After the death of her mother, Constanza went to live with her father and his family, since then both Santiago and Paulina have been in charge of watching over and supporting Edith González’s daughter.

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This is the life of Constanza Creel 4 years after the death of Edith González