This is the Colombian series by Dago García that premieres on Netflix in February

This February 15, the series “The First Time” arrives on Netflix, a Colombian series set in the seventies, starring Francisca Estévez, Emmanuel Restrepo, Santiago Alarcón, Verónica Orozco and Chichila Navia.

The first time was recorded in Bogotá, Colombia.
The first time was recorded in Bogotá, Colombia. – Photo: Courtesy: Netflix

This production was created by Dago García and directed by Mateo Stivelberg and María Gamboa. It was recorded in Bogota. “The first time” tells the love story of Eva and Camilo. The latter is a shy and inexperienced young man who falls in love with a girl, who is the only female student in an all-male college.

The first time
The first time. (L to R) Emmanuel Restrepo, Brandon Figueredo, Francisca Estevez, Julian Cerati, Sergio Palau, Mateo Garcia Mazo in The First Woman. Cr. Mauro Gonzalez / Netflix ©2023 – Photo: Netflix

The series has 13 episodes of around 42 minutes, where it shows the different scenarios where they first occur and that, surely, many people have experienced.

The first time.  Chichila Navia in The First Woman.  Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix ©2023
The first time. Chichila Navia in The First Woman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix ©2023 – Photo: Courtesy: Netflix


Set in the 70s, this is the love story of Eva and Camilo, she is a mysterious, rebellious and open-minded girl, who is enrolled as the only woman in a school of 600 men and he, a shy boy and peculiar, without sentimental experience that inevitably ends up in love with that first woman in his life. And while Camilo unsuccessfully tries to win his heart, Eva turns the world of Colegio Distrital upside down for boys José María Root, teaching his classmates everything about sex, love, pleasures and real life. But Camilo discovers that Eva keeps a deep and dark secret that could separate them forever and, now, he will have to fight not to lose what could be his first romantic experience, his first and great love.


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This is the Colombian series by Dago García that premieres on Netflix in February