This is the cast of ‘Sagrada Familia’, the new series by Manolo Caro for Netflix

This October 14 Manolo Caro premieres what has become his fourth series for Netflix, Sagrada Familiaafter having witnessed the success of The House of Flowers, someone has to die Y Once upon a time… but not anymore.

The creator, director and screenwriter returns to his home to offer us a mystery thriller in which dysfunctional families and motherhood take center stage. Sagrada Familia places us in the Madrid neighborhood of Fuente del Berro to attend the arrival of a new family, formed by Germán (Álex Gónzalez) and Caterina (Alba Flores) together with their daughter, who will turn the foundations of the neighborhood and each of the families that live there, cracking a world where false appearances and secrets are the order of the day; where the boundaries between friends and foes blur.

Gloria (Najwa Nimri) lives with her young son, who is about to turn a year old, and with her au-pair Aitana (Carla Campra), at least facing the gallery. But, What happens inside your home when the curtains are closed and people go down? Is the relationship between Gloria and Aitana only professional? There are many secrets that this family carries behind its back, and it is not possible to sustain all of them over time. The darkness of his past threatens to come to light.

These characters are also accompanied by two neighbors with a very marked personality: Macarena Gómez and Ella Kweku complete the group of four women with something in common, motherhood.

A heart-stopping cast

Manolo Caro has surrounded himself with an impressive group of actors and actresses to bring his characters to life.

Najwa Nimri, Carla Campra and Iván Pellicer

Najwa Nimri (Vis a Vis, La Casa de Papel), Carla Campra (Fair, The other look) and Ivan Pellicer (Paraiso) play Gloria, Aitana and Abel, the Romans: uA family that has moved to Fuente del Berro fleeing from their past with the intention of starting a new life. However, in the face of others, this relationship between them does not exist. Abel spends the whole day locked up in his room and Aitana is the au-pair of Nico, the baby of the family.

Alba Flores and Alex Garcia

Alba Flores is lucky to be one of the few actresses in our country capable of saying that she has an artistic partner on television. After having coincided in Vis a Vis and La Casa de Papel with Najwa Nimri, she returns to star in a fiction in Sagrada Familia. His co-star is Álex García (Anti-riot, El Inmortal), with whom he puts himself in the shoes of a recently moved couple to the tranquility of the outskirts of the capital who have a great interest in everything that happens around the figure from Gloria. Germán will also develop a very special relationship with Abel, the eldest son of the Romans.

Macarena Gomez, Alvaro Rico and Ella Kweku

Macarena Gómez (30 Monedas, La que se avecina), Ella Kweku (Now & Then) and Álvaro Rico (Elite) finish leading this cast by putting themselves in the shoes of Blancaa woman with eyes everywhere, Marcos, who will be impressed with Aitana’s ability to play the piano, and the teacher at the Fuente del Berro school who, together with her partner, is in the process of adopting a child and Be parents.

Secrets come to light and appearances are broken starting October 14 on Netflix.

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This is the cast of ‘Sagrada Familia’, the new series by Manolo Caro for Netflix