This is Tales of the Walking Dead, AMC’s new anthology series about the popular zombie franchise

AMC is preparing Tales of The Walking Dead, an anthology series that will complement the vast universe of zombies created by Robert Kirkman.

Even if The walking dead is near its end, the universe based on the comic book series of Robert Kirkman will continue to grow with new series and movies that will join the spin offs Fear The Walking Dead Y The Walking Dead: World Beyond, having within his next projects Tales of The Walking Dead.

Tales of The Walking Dead will be an anthology series in which, following the style of many other productions such as Black mirror, Love, Death + Robots, Crypt stories o Beyond the limit, each episode will tell a different story in which, not only will the The Walking Dead Universe, but also plots that were loose in previous seasons will be resumed.

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“It goes back to those questions that people have been wondering about situations, or what happened with different characters, and then things that are not related to what we have previously told. It’s the kind of thing we want to do. We are working very hard. in it “, commented the creator Scott gimple during a recent chat with TWDUniverse via Twitch.

Gimple also said that production is already underway and they are currently working on the different stories that will cover the Tales of the Walking Dead season 1. “We are working on it. Our beginning right now is an hour long that are different from week to week. We have left the door open to tell longer stories, perhaps multi-episode, of the universe. We want you to remain flexible. But, for to begin with, they will be a handful of different stories where the audience will not know what to expect, “he said.

Although the Tales of The Walking Dead cast, It is expected that many old acquaintances of the franchise will appear, such as Shane, Glenn, Abraham or Andrea, among many others. “I think there is going to be a mix with some old favorites and in different ways; they can be special, they can be miniseries, and they can be in Tales,” Gimple commented a while ago.

The Walking Dead series will say goodbye to its fans with a season 11 to later develop different projects: from anthologies to spin-offs.

At the moment there is still no confirmed release date for the Tales of The Walking Dead series. Do you want to see new stories the zombie universe of Robert Kirkman?