This is Kaan Urgancıoğlu, the protagonist of the series ‘Family Secrets’

Antena 3 has continued with its safe bets on the grid. After the success of Turkish soap operas Siblings, Innocent, Mother either bitter land, among others, the channel has once again given up a special slot in its Sunday prime time for another Ottoman drama. From now on, every week, Family secrets will fill the space left Unfaithful.

And it is not that the chain has set very high expectations, since we are talking about a fiction that already in its premiere, on October 9, became the most watched of the day. It could be said that viewers are facing a true television phenomenon that has revolutionized Turkey and has come to the country to do audience record.

However, little is known about the new Turkish series on Antena 3, beyond the joy they have aroused Their protagonistsof which little is known except that the names of the actors who play Ilgaz Kaya and Ceylin Erguvan in Family secrets, belong to the actors Kaan Urgancioglu and Pinar Denizrespectively.

On the night of the premiere of the series in Spain, the name of the male protagonist was especially popular on social networks, Kaan Urgancioglu. But who really is this actor?

Kaan Urgancioglu Series

In addition to SecretFamily, we have been able to see Urgancioglu in other fictions such as Kara sevda (eternal love)), in 2015, where he also shared the spotlight with his partner Deniz and played the role of the villain of the plot. The same actress with whom she also coincided in love 101, which could be seen on Netflix.

Architecture, nature and cats

Beyond fiction, there are other notable features of this 41 year old actor Although it may not seem like it, he began his studies in Capital Markets and the Stock Exchange in Istanbul, although he finally opted for acting. It was in the United States where he gave free rein to his facet as an actor and took his first steps.

Currently, the actor spends his time between episodes enjoying outdoor routes, nature, travel and animals, especially cats. But he also shows interest in architecture more exotic and, especially, the leafy landscapes. In his social networks, photographs of fields or fun family moments are common, as well as other more artistic ones that seem to make it clear that Urgancioglu is not bored.

Little is known about his love life, since the interpreter of Family secrets doesn’t seem much given to showing or talking about his personal life, but the last known couple was Zeynep Oymak.

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This is Kaan Urgancıoğlu, the protagonist of the series ‘Family Secrets’