June 10, 2021

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This is how season 2 of ‘Love is in the air’ began: Eda triumphs in Italy and the reason for her separation with Serkan Bolat

This is how season 2 of Love is in the

The Turkish soap opera has returned to broadcast in Turkey with a five-year time jump. During this time, many things have changed, starting with the daughter of the leading couple.

Season 2 of Love is in the air has returned on its broadcast in Turkey. As we had been advised in the previews, the story of Eda and Serkan Bolat places us five years after where they last left off, when the florist discovered that her partner had a brain tumor. Now the two are very different and they are no longer together, what happened to make love over?

Everything we know about season 2 of ‘Love is in the air’: Release date, trailer and many changes for Eda and Serkan Bolat

Apparently, Serkan’s illness was a very hard blow for the couple. Serkan becomes obsessed with illness and turns into someone completely different. You develop a fear of attachment, say you never want a child, constantly postpone your marriage date, and indulge in work. His lack of commitment and fear of starting a family causes many frictions with Eda and ends up separating them. They both decide to go their separate ways and pursue their dreams. So it does Eda, who moves to Italy as she always wanted. There she builds a career as a landscaper that takes her to the top, but it is not what she seeks.

Later, when he is at the peak of his success, he returns to Istanbul and buys a nice house to raise his daughter. Yes, Eda left for Italy knowing she was pregnant and did not tell the baby’s father. Now she returns a mother and with her priorities very clear. He wants to enjoy life. Money or success at work does not give you true happiness. That is why he opens a garden hotel and lives every moment.

A few minutes into the first episode, Eda and Serkan Bolat meet again after many years without seeing each other. Love continues to exist between them, but by not sharing the same ideas for the future, they cannot be together. When they see each other, they are very surprised and soon merge into a hug. They go to have a coffee to catch up and there they return certain grudges. Serkan assures him that the biggest mistake he made was that he would let him into his life the first time they saw each other..

The 11 new episodes will explore this new stage in the couple’s life, what has happened in all this time, how hard the disease was and what Eda is like as a mother. Little Kiraz has already become one of the audience’s favorites and it will surely not take long to win the heart of Serkan, who will rethink what he thinks of children and families. We will see what happens in Love is in the air next Wednesday. In Spain, meanwhile we are still in the first season.

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