This is how Luis Miguel found out about the romance between his daughter, Michelle Salas, and his best friend, Mauricio Ambrosi, according to Netflix | Television | Entertainment

The secrets in the life of Luis Miguel reached the limit in the episode entitled ‘Historia de un amor’. A third and final season has already been confirmed.

The final episode of season 2 of Luis Miguel’s biographical series on Netflix It ends as it began: with a great concert on stage. But if in episode one of this second installment we saw him stunned and affected after suffering that terrible accident that damaged his ear, this time we see a Luis Miguel (Diego Boneta) grateful for returning with his audience; and also brings back that image and that sound his younger fans remember from 2007, when a mariachi appears behind him to sing Turn around.

This is how Luis Miguel found out about the romance
Diego Boneta adopted Luis Miguel’s ranch attire for this episode.

His best friend, Mauricio Ambrosi (Fernando Guallar), travels to Madrid to continue his romance with the daughter of Luis Miguel, Michelle Salas (Macarena Achaga), although his strategy to keep the relationship hidden is not infallible, since the character of the journalist Armando Sánchez keep track of them.

“This series is being very respectful with the information on the relationship of Michelle and Mauricio,” he warns Fernando Guallar, whose character reminds Alejandro Asensi, name in real life of Luis Miguel’s best friend. “They have been based on documentation, information that they had and that is available to anyone, to develop this story that has been made with a lot of love and respect”.

“We are telling a story, it’s a version of the facts”, Agrees Macarena Achaga. “They fall in love because they have spent time together and that is what happened”, Also thinks Diego Boneta.

The final blow will be received by the Sun when some photographs of the couple walking through Madrid arrive.

The past continues to condition your future

The younger version of Luis Miguel (1994), the second timeline in which the story is told, also begins a new path in Aries Producciones together with Patricio Robles, their new manager, when surprised by an article on the front page of the newspaper asking: ‘Where is Luis Miguel’s mother?’. The negative effect of this report will also reach his younger brother, Sergiowho will have to decide if you want to continue living with your siblings in Mexico or return to Madrid together with his paternal grandmother, Matilde.

The interpreter’s flirtation with the journalist from MTV Daisy Fuentes surprises Issabela Camil (Camila Sodi) and forces her to make a decision about her relationship with Luis Miguel.

The image of Luis Miguel only in his apartment dismisses this second installment, although it is only a see you soon. Through his official Instagram account, it was confirmed as there will be a third and final season of the series.