This is how Gerardo Rozín said goodbye to his program “La Peña de Morfi”

At the end of last December he had decided to say goodbye to the program “Morphi’s Rock” that had him as the protagonist along with Jessica Cirio. On the 26th of that month in 2021, at the end of the program, a farewell toast was made, an emotional moment in which he took the opportunity to say goodbye and thank his colleagues for the support and accompaniment, together with his family and the public that accompanied his last television proposal. .

“I was thinking on my way here that, for some reasons, I keep my personal toast for the first time. Why? Because I have it good. It’s nice to have a good toast. I have it good. I want those who love me. They want those I love. They know it. I’m going straight to work, “he began his speech accompanied by Cirio and the entire cycle team.

This is how Gerardo Rozín said goodbye – Morfi

Instantly, he continued: “I divide the toast into three parts. While I was coming here I thought, that was not among the three, but I hope it will come in. I am a guy who never had a weekend. Never. I started working at 15 years in a newspaper and in the newspapers it was used to have free Friday and Saturday or Sunday and Monday. Since then, and there are no complaints, because life has gone well for me. I live from what I like. Zero complaint is zero Complaint, it’s just a comment.

And he continued: “My children never saw me a full weekend. Because when it wasn’t one thing, it was another. I’ve been working for more than 30 years and I never had a weekend, except for vacation weeks. Today I understood that I work for people who enjoy themselves in a different way. I enjoy trying to make them enjoy themselves”.

Gerardo Rozín and his illness: what he came to tell publicly

In November of last year, the person in charge of cycles such as Thanks for coming; Tonight, books; and morphi, everyone at the table had talked about his state of health at that time. Then, she had alluded to the license that had been taken from the Telefe program shortly after the new season of the successful program began in March.

Gerardo Rozin and Jesica Cirio

Gerardo Rozín and Jésica Cirio.

“I’m going to take a leave. I’m with a health issue that, fortunately, looks good,” he said on that occasion, before leaving for a month. “I missed four weeks, I had a health issue. First, I took the time to understand because I didn’t understand very well what was happening to me. If I had to summarize it, I would tell you that I really experienced moments of great concern. Fortunately, until now, Everything came out extraordinary,” he told this medium. “I’m fine,” she added.

In that same talk, the driver confessed that he was afraid, but he preferred to keep that aspect of his life away from the media. “I do not comment on details in public that, perhaps, I did not tell my family, but I’m fine. But yes, I was scared, I got a scare,” he limited himself to saying, and then focused on how well it made him resume morphiwhere he was warmly received by his partner Jessica Ciriothe musicians and the production team.

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This is how Gerardo Rozín said goodbye to his program “La Peña de Morfi”