This is how Doña Cuquita reacted when she found out that Vicente Fernández was unfaithful to her

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The life of Vicente Fernández and his family will be exposed once again on national television with the premiere of the second season of the series “The last king: the son of the people”, starring Pablo Montero, under the direction of Juan Osorio.

The series whose content has generated conflict between the Fernández family, Televisa and Univisión, On this occasion, he will tell one of the episodes in the singer’s life, which is related to one of the most mediatic infidelities he committed.

According to the producer John Osorio in an interview for “Sale el Sol” in the new chapters of this controversial series viewers will be able to learn the story behind the extramarital relationship he had the “Charro of Huentitan” with Patricia Rivera, as well as everything related to her supposed son Rodrigo Fernandez, who years later and thanks to a paternity test it was found that he was not related to the singer.

Pablo Montero and Iliana Fox bring Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita to life in the Televisa bioseries
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The infidelities of Vicente Fernández

Under that context, fans will be able to see how the relationship between Doña Cuquita and Vicente Fernández It was affected and they may even witness the moment when she slaps him when she finds out by other means that her husband is having a child with another woman.

“We are talking specifically about three situations that have to do with Juan Gabriel and others that have to do with the subject of Patricia Rivera, as well as a crush that Vicente Fernández had in one of his films,” commented the television producer.

Vicente Fernández achieved success thanks to the support of Doña Cuquita Abarca
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We are going to see the first slap that Cuquita gave Vicente. It is known that she arrived at her house and Cuquita found out, through a show program, that he left the hospital because Rodrigo was being born… because Cuquita was not there because the son belonged to Paty Rivera,” he added.

The new season of “The Last King: The Son of the People” based on the book by Olga Wornatpremieres this Monday, May 16 on Las Estrellas at 9:30 p.m.

Watch a preview of the new season of “The Last King: The Son of the People”:

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This is how Doña Cuquita reacted when she found out that Vicente Fernández was unfaithful to her