This is Claudia Salas: her beginnings in acting thanks to Mecano, her role in ‘Elite’ and her sister

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Claudia Salas joins Ricardo Gómez to star The route, the new series from Atresplayer. After succeeding in series like Elitethe actress has dared to try new records.

Claudia Salas It is one of the new promises of the Spanish market. Despite his relatively brief artistic career, in a short time he has made it clear that he is not lacking in talent and shows it whenever he can. In her latest project, she joins Ricardo Gómez to premiere The routethe new series from Atresplayer.

This is Claudia Salas, the actress from Vallecas

Claudia Salas was born in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas and it was quickly clear that she wanted to be an actress, however, she enrolled in magisterium to please his father, since he told him that if things went wrong in the world of acting, he would have some studies to be able to look for work.

However, as he told SModaonly went to one class: “I only went to one class, to which I arrived late because, meanwhile, I was doing tests to enter the Higher School of Dramatic Arts. I left there knowing I didn’t want to go back.”

And it is that the actress also confessed to this medium that she was clear that she wanted to get into the world of acting at the age of 15, thanks to meccanosince he went to see the musical Today I can not get up and something changed in his brain: “I walked out of there as if I’d had an exorcism. I sang, I laughed, I cried… I needed to be on stage and make people feel what I had felt.”

It was news that did not sit well with his family because they believed he had to find a way “that would bring him more stabilityBut he finally got lucky.

His arrival to stardom thanks to ‘Elite’

Claudia was part of several theater plays and series, and one of her great leading projects was Plaguethe Movistar + series, for which she was nominated for the Union of Actors and Actresses Awards as revelation actress of TV.

However, if she became widely known it was for her role as Rebeka in Elitethe young daughter of a drug dealer who seeks to join one of the most elite schools from the country. She entered the second season and left after the fifth, which makes her one of the actresses who has been there the longest.

Saying goodbye to the series that catapulted her to fame, Claudia shared a post on Instagram with several moments and with a precious reflection: “Thank you, thank you and (forever) Thanks for everything what you have brought into my life. Turbulence included. Everything,” the actress began.

“What a crazy trip. Literally. There is no gap possible in a post to explain what it means. I hope you enjoy it a tenth of what I have enjoyed it. Thank you Rebeka (with a “k”). And of course to all the TECHNICAL TEAM that has made this adventure possible. Thank you family“, concluded the artist very excited.

After this, he has been part of the film little pigscreen sharing with Laura Galan Y carmen machiamong others.

The hermetic private life of Claudia Salas

Claudia Salas has always avoided speaking about her private life, so It is not known who his current partner is (if she has), however, news has come out on several occasions linking her to both men and women.

In 2019, he shared a photo on Instagram with a young woman named Caroline Bald in Paris. Both appeared kissing each other on the lips and the rumor quickly spread that she was her partner, although she explained that it was her sister.

Both women have an excellent relationship and do not hesitate to spend a lot of time together, whether in simple plans or even on trips to Vietnam.

Despite the brief career of Claudia Salas, the young woman has become a superstar on the Spanish screen. And this is just the beginning, as her career is still taking off.

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This is Claudia Salas: her beginnings in acting thanks to Mecano, her role in ‘Elite’ and her sister