This channel is being watched on another device and other Orange TV errors

Orange TV Limitations: Screens and Devices

Orange’s general rule is that we can have the service activated on a total of five devices if one of them is the decoder. Activated means that we have our email and password in the app corresponding, with the logged in data. As they explain from the operator help page: “you can enjoy Orange TV on multiple TVs in your homeif you have the decoder connected to your main TV by HDMI or SCART cable, and you install the Orange TV app on other Smart TVs in your home, up to a maximum of 4. Each Smart TV in your home with the Orange TV app installed It counts as an active device among the 5 that you can register at the same time for your Orange TV service, including the decoder and Google Chromecast”.

But there are conditions that we must take into account to be able to see it: you can use your Orange user on all connected devices as long as you do not see the same content simultaneously. We can watch football on one device and a series on another, a movie on a mobile phone and a game show on a Smart TV. You cannot repeat content but you can use the service on as many devices as you have registered (always a maximum of four in addition to the decoder you have on the main TV)

What devices is it compatible on?

Before understanding how many screens we can have in use at the same time or how many devices can watch Orange TV at the same time to avoid the error “this channel is being watched on another device” we should know on which devices we can install the Orange application that we gives access to the contracted content. The first thing we can have is an Orange TV decoder and there are two different models, one of them being compatible with 4K playback and with Android TV so that we can install thousands of different applications to watch from the device. The deco allows us to record, reproduce contents of last days or install applications but we can also watch Orange TV from other devices.

The service is compatible from televisions, mobile phones, computers… We can see it in the following models and brands:

  • Android smartphone and tablet from version 4.3
  • iOS devices with version equal to or greater than 9.0
  • on computers where do you use the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and for Safari 9.
  • Other devices with Android TV such as television box, etc.
  • On Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • With Google’s Chromecast
  • On Samsung and LG Smart TVs from the year 2020
  • On Sony Smart TV models with Android TV since 2015
  • Orange TV decoder what will you receive at home

We can have up to five devices registered, as we will see now.

Combine devices and quality

We can not only take into account the registered devices but the combination of these when playing the same channel in two. The same channel or content can be seen twice simultaneously as long as we take into account a series of aspects. You cannot watch the same channel twice on any device, you must mix big screen gadgets and small screen gadgets (according to the rules given by Orange)

The general rule that applies is always the same: one of the devices playing the content must be a device with a large screen and the other must be a device with a small screen. But never two big screens or two small screens. But what is each of them or which is which? A large screen would be considered to be the operator’s decoder, the Smart TV or television, the use of a Google Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV Stick that you have connected to the television. On the other hand, mobile phones (either Android or iOS operating system), tablets or computers are considered small screens.


As we see in the table above, there are different combinations that do work and others that do not when viewing certain content. For example, when watching soccer matches on Orange TV we cannot watch it on two devices without taking into account the devices. A number of conditions must be met.

For example, if we watch any channel from a tablet or a mobile phone, there is no problem if the second connection is on the decoder, on the Smart TV, on the Chromecast or on the Amazon Fire TV. But we cannot, for example, see the content on two computers at the same time or on two phones at the same time. Nor can we see the content on a mobile and a computer at the same time.

decoder problems

If you have problems with the Orange TV decoder, we will see that a message appears on the television screen and it is recommended to reset or factory reset. The first thing we need to do is unplug the router and decoder from the power grid operator. Leave unplugged and plug them back in once a minute has passed. Allow five minutes to pass, allow it to fully connect and check if the error is fixed and finished.

you can too do a factory reset but keep in mind that you will lose everything you have previously saved. But you will be able to fix the problem. The process depends on the deco you have at home and the steps are different.

On Android TV the steps are:

  • Access the menu on the left of the screen
  • Tap on Storage and restore
  • Press OK on the remote to enter
  • Look for the Factory Reset option
  • Press OK

In the case of have the Orange OHD 80 deco the steps are:

  • You press the Blue-Yellow-Blue keys on the remote
  • Tap on Restore to defaults
  • will restart
  • Enter username and password
  • Set all the options and tune the channels


Internet connection problems

If we have Internet connection problems, we can check if the network works on other devices, but we can also use a PLC adapter that the operator makes available to us and that allows us to connect to the router even if it is in another room. Orange has the PLC Liveplug HD+ adapters available to users, you can request them through the customer area: go to “My customer area”, choose your landline and in the section “My line – Contract more services” you can request the “Liveplug HD+” from Orange to connect to the Internet.

Installing it is very simple and we simply have to connect them to the router and the decoder, as we see in the video below. They are automatically linked.

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This channel is being watched on another device and other Orange TV errors