Think Data is born, the tool that seeks to shed light on Netflix and Amazon audience data

A new way of measuring audiences in on-demand entertainment content is born. The Film Agency will launch in 2022 the Think Data tool, which seeks to shed light in several European countries on the tracking data of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, the two favorites in Spain.

While linear television audience measurement has been stuck in the same methodology for decades, that of on-demand content platforms has remained in almost total darkness until a few months ago. Since last year, Netflix has published the viewing data for its series and movies every week, measured in the number of minutes consumed by its viewers. But this is a self-made analysis. Think Data will send its subscribers monthly reports with information on consumption in the streaming. It is a service created for producers, sales agents and independent distributors to keep up to date with the transformations that the industry is experiencing. And also so that the preferences of the viewer of this type of service are made public, now that many of these companies are planning incorporate advertisers to launch cheaper subscriptions.

“Each platform has its own method for calculating its metrics. The challenge of this tool is to establish a single measurement system and a common scale that allows us to establish comparisons, as Kantar has done with analog television”, Sarah Calderón, CEO of The Film, said at the end of March in a telematic conversation. Agency, and Celia Fumanal, Director of Innovation at The Film Agency. “The industry needs more transparency, because the creators themselves don’t really know how their products are performing, which complicates issues such as copyright management. never the giants [de esta industria] they have had so much data and the small ones as little as up to now”, they point out.


Think Data information comes from SODA, a UK-based specialist video-on-demand data measurement company that runs its own audience panels. Through samples of 6,000 accounts (each used by up to 4 people, for a total of 24,000 viewers), their reports will study the behavior of video on demand subscribers in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

An example of what the Think Data audience reports will look like.The Film Agency

Subscribers to this service will receive a monthly report with the best 100 movies and series, ordered by number of views. “Reproductions of only two minutes, as Netflix does, will not be counted,” they explain from The Film Agency. The study will track which of the users of each account has reproduced the content, in order to analyze issues such as the gender and age of the audience of each production. To analyze consumer trends, Think Data will also give special importance to the country of origin of the productions and the genre to which they belong. And if that consumption occurs inside or outside homes. Elena Neira, analyst of the audiovisual industry, will participate in the project through editorial articles that will be included in the reports.

For now, the company will measure the consumption patterns of Netflix and Amazon and “shortly”, Calderón and Fumanal clarify, they will do so with other platforms such as HBO Max and Disney +. SODA will also be expanding into other territories in the near future, which will be added to your reports.

Conclusions from the first data

The first monthly studies carried out by this tool, corresponding to the first quarter of 2021, yield conclusions that have been intuited for a long time and others that are surprising. Among those expected is the useful life of a premiere on on-demand content platforms. There is a window of about 30 days for the new content to work at the highest level, to then make room for the huge number of premieres that arrive on the platforms every month. It is a behavior similar to that of movies on billboards in physical projection rooms. There are only a few exceptions. Some American comedies that have already become classics, such as friendsoccupy the top positions almost permanently.

The trend that is reversed with respect to the traditional film industry is the screen share. According to the conclusions of Think Data, Spain is a great generator of content aimed at the local audience with international success. It represents 19.51% of the series content broadcast in Spain, 9.13% in Italy and 7.44% in France. Titles such as Elite, Valeria, sky red, The innocent and of course, The Money Heist.

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Think Data is born, the tool that seeks to shed light on Netflix and Amazon audience data