Thiago spoke after leaving Big Brother 2022: I didn’t want to stay out of pity

After being eliminated from “Big Brother 2022” (Telefe) by public vote last Sunday, Thiago Medina he appeared on the program “El Debate” hosted by Santiago del Moro and gave his first impressions outside the house, three months after entering.

“I’m fine, calm… I enjoyed it a lot and I was myself from the first day, living day by day. In the last days I was not enjoying as much as at the beginning and that is why I asked to be nominated“, started.

“I had gotten bored with everything, I wanted to see how it felt to be on stage. I had dreamed that if I fell, I would leave. I had already spent a lot of time away from my brothers: I wanted to see them, I wanted to hug them, to be with them. And what happened happened what I dreamed of,” he added.

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“He won the game for me. I gave everything I had to give, I enjoyed everything I had to enjoy. I don’t regret anything,” summarized the native of González Catán.

In addition, he assured that he did not feel betrayed by Maxi, who did not save him from the list of nominees after winning the last leadership test.

I told him I didn’t want him to save me. And before saving Nachito, he asked me: ‘Do you really want to be on the plate?’ I said yes, so I took it very well, because I already wanted to be outside, “he said.

He also talked about Alfa, with whom he had several conflicts during their coexistence. “With him everything is fine. He is a person, you have to know how to handle him. I have nothing bad to say about him: whenever I was bad, he was there,” she clarified.

And he criticized Agustín: “I don’t believe him at all. He plays the strategist but he has less strategy than dominoes.”

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The hottest topic was his relationship with Daniela Celis. “I feel good with her and I will wait for her. Because we managed very well, we have a relationship that was very nice. She is older than me but I feel that we identify ourselves a lot. I like being with her and having her as a partner,” he said.

He also added: “I did not feel that she had approached me to take advantage. All the time in the house they told me, but I realized that it really was not the case. I did not think that she was using me, but when they told me that, a little distanced me”.

Del Moro also asked him why he did not rely on his tough life story to generate more empathy in the public and aim for the final.

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look too

The most famous house in the country

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“Yes, I need the money, but not that much either. Because with what I have, I can manage. Obviously, one always wants more, but it was no use telling my story, I didn’t want to play the victim or anything like that,” he justified his strategy.

“Big Brother changed my life in many ways. Now I can help my brothers, I can buy whatever I want: if I want some shoes, I have to buy them and I don’t have to work 12, 15 hours to death, they pay me little coins. .. It also opened my mind. Before they told me to leave my house, rent something, and I answered: ‘Not crazy’, because of my brothers. But now I know that they can survive without me, and I decided to leave, to Live alone for a while, get ahead. I would go live with Daniela,” he imagined with enthusiasm.

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Thiago spoke after leaving Big Brother 2022: I didn’t want to stay out of pity