They reveal the lie that Piqué used to deceive Shakira with her lover

The lie came to light Gerard Piqué would have told Shakira repeatedly to see her loverClara Chía Martí, the 22-year-old Spanish girl with whom he maintains an affair to this day.

Ibai Llanos, the famous Spanish streamer and youtuber friend of Piqué, sent the former soccer player to the front by revealing a detail that left him completely exposed. Like other Internet figures, Ibai recorded himself analyzing the new song that Shakira wrote for her friend, BZRP Music Sessions #53in which he unloads all his anger against the athlete and the third in contention.

Ibai couldn’t hide his fascination with the song and analyzed it verse by verse. When you get to the part where Shakira intones “a lot of gym, but works the brain a little too” The youtuber was puzzled, since his friend was never in the habit of going to the gym.

“It’s true that I don’t understand this phrase from Shakira… Piqué has never stepped foot in a gym in his fucking life”, assured Ibai, with a gesture of total bewilderment. “In other words, I understand the whole song and it distributes host, but it is true that this son of a bitch has not stepped on a gym. He has stepped on it less than me!”, She added.

The fans of Ibai and Shakira did not take long to realize that, probably, Piqué lied to the singer for months, telling her that he was going to the gym to meet Clara. A TikTok user (@ conefresa2) was one of those who created this theory and shared it with her followers.

“Seeing the reactions of Piqué’s friends, like Ibai and other famous youtubers, they say they didn’t understand that part, because Piqué doesn’t like the gym very much. What one concludes is that Piqué told Shakira “love, I’m going to the gym” and obviously he was going to do other types of exercises with the other“, asked the tiktoker. “And you, have they already told you that they’re going to the gym? Have you already verified that it’s true that they like the gym?”he asked his followers.

Shakira’s emotional message after the release of her hit with Bizarrap

Shakira posted a message on her social networks after the success of her song with Bizarrap, which has already exceeded 90,000 views on YouTube. “What for me was a catharsis and a relief, I never thought that I would reach number one in the world directly at 45 years old and in Spanish”the singer began.

I want to hug the millions of women who rise up against those who make us feel insignificant.. Women who defend what they feel and think, and raise their hands when they disagree, even if others raise their eyebrows. They are my inspiration. And this achievement is not mine but everyone’s. We have to get up 70 times 7″, she added.

Lastly, she made reference to the criticism she received from various people, who accused her of being resentful and a bad feminist: “Not as society orders us to, but in the way that occurs to us, the one that helps us to get ahead for our children, our parents and for those who need us and hope in us”.

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They reveal the lie that Piqué used to deceive Shakira with her lover