They reveal that at the beginning, the romance of Belinda and Nodal was agreed from the offices of TV Azteca – Futbol RF

Although Belinda Y Christian nodal They sealed their love yesterday by making their official commitment, their relationship continues to lend itself to numerous rumors, and that their romance is nothing more than a publicity stunt has returned to take relevance in the world of entertainment.

The journalist Álex Kaffie was in charge of reviving this speculation, confessing that the delivery of the engagement ring caused him a great surprise, because this courtship was born only to “raise” the rating of ‘La Voz’.

According to the communicator, the TV Azteca offices agreed to this relationship in order to increase the audience levels of the musical reality show; However, this theater went from fiction to reality in a few months.

At what point did you go from fiction to reality? because I know from a very good source that it all started in the office of some executives for the television station for which they both worked and now they will lend themselves to that romance to position the reality show. They lost the disgust”, Kaffie began by saying in a broadcast of the program ‘Sale el Sol’.

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He also highlighted that both Beli What Nodal They lent themselves to follow the strategy imposed by the directors of the Ajusco television station, but their friendship was transformed over time until they consolidated a relationship.

Sure, he left the office of someone who is not even on this planet, they lent themselves to that, but now, like in soap operas“, He said.

Seer confirms that publicity stunt was behind romance between Belinda and Nodal

Álex Kaffie’s accusations were supported by Jorge Clairvoyant who explained that their courtship began as a publicity stunt, which was transformed over time.

They were paid a publicity stunt a long time ago by a television company for a reality show in which they were, they began to fall in love little by little and now they are together, but I don’t see them getting married.

Some eight or nine more months of advertising that they still have to do, and everyone has already told their little house and work”, Said in the program ‘Gossip No Like’.

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And although the ‘Nodeli’ (as the singers are known) have managed to consolidate a strong courtship, the seer foresees that the couple will end up separating.

Belinda will be very unstable, there are new job opportunities for her, she will be estranged from Christian, and he will also because he will release a new album, they will be estranged and that is when the relationship ends”, He expressed.

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