They ask to change the name of Nuestra Belleza Latina after statements by Jomari Goyso


They ask to change the name of Nuestra Belleza Latina after statements by Jomari Goyso

It is no secret to anyone that reality shows generate not only excitement among viewers, but also too many passions and even controversies, which have become part of the daily life that surrounds such programs. And this time, with only a few days until the 12th season of Our Latin Beauty, a video shared on the competition’s official Instagram site, is causing a stir.

The clip, recorded a couple of years ago, in which Jomari Goyso is heard talking about what is Our Latin Beauty, It did not go down very well among followers of the reality show, who raised their voices in the publication itself.

“The magic behind #NuestraBellezaLatina. ✨💜👑 @jomarigoyso “, was the brief phrase with which NBL shared the video in which Jomari said:” Our Latin Beauty is not a beauty contest. NBL is a platform to beautify people, and above all for the public. The public is the one that looks at you, the one that connects with those girls and I think that is brilliant, that is the magic of television ”.

Immediately, the words of Jomari, who will be one of the judges for the return of Nuestra Belleza Latina, raised the eyebrows of passionate followers of the contest, who even asked Univisión to change the name of the program, if it is not really a beauty pageant anymore. .

“Change the name of the show to ‘our Latin platform’”, “If it’s not a blessed beauty contest, because it’s called“ Our beauty ”😢😢😂😂😂😂… #Diabloquepique”, “Wow, it’s not a contest of beauty? What is not a beauty pageant? Well then, do not parade in a ball gown, swimwear, do not dance and only participate talking beautifully and that’s it. Pleaserrrrr. !!!!! ”, were some of the messages expressed by the fans of the show.

Other followers of the program went further and even asked Univisión to clear up the confusion.

“Isn’t it a beauty pageant? but it so happens that most of the winners, either come from beauty pageants or win NBL and then get into beauty pageants … stop falling for a lie “, stressed a fan who did not receive Jomari’s comments well. “Consistency with what we say, especially him; that makes her know more about everything, ”said another.

And such was the passion that the video generated, that other followers even shared what appeared to be letters, rather than comments.

Migbelis Castellanos wins the crown of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2018 | NBLAmid tears and applause from the public, the Venezuelan received the crown from Clarissa Molina. After being declared the winner, Migbelis made her first official runway as the new queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina. #MigbelisCastellanos #NuestraBellezaLatina # NBL2018 #ClarissaMolina SUBSCRIBE: Visit the official site: Follow us: FB: IG: TW:

“It seems to me that he is wrong, because nbl it is a beauty pageant. The name says it all. Or if not, call it ‘Our connection with the public’… what it says is a bit absurd, it is true that the winner has to connect, but she also has to be talented and beautiful, “added a fan.

“They should change the name then! What happened here a couple of years ago is a little Chinese story that no one likes! We all but we all want to see what the show was like before they decided to change the dynamics, “said another, who refuses to look favorably on the positive turnaround that the program gave.

Check out the video of Jomari talking about NBL and let us know if you think the show is a beauty pageant or not.

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