They announce a series of initiatives in New York City against violence, what do they consist of?

hope: young are the ásaffected by york announces initiativesprevention.from morris heights, one ofthe neighborhoods most affectedfrom the bronx, damaris tells usThis is what this plan is about.damaris: violent activitieson the part of the young peopleThey report daily in New York.although armed violence inadolescents has lowered thelast months, reports theauthorities, it is still aserious security problemfor all New the mayor’s billblasio has just announced newmeasures to protectresidents.this plan includes leftover massesfor the possession of weapons offire, take down the gangs,uniformed deployment inthe most violent areas,deepen the commitment of thecommunity and create programssupport for. during today’s meeting,the mayor announced that this yearthe police department ofnew york city hasincreased the number offirearms arrests in43%. reported a decline in36% shootings this summer,compared to 2020. withoutHowever, there are sectors thatface violence withthis sector of the bronx in thearea.the main reason, thegangs.they even report 29% ofvictims under 18 years ofage. we talk to some>> violence in the streetesá gente esáout of control. you of whatyoung people ride motorcyclesdoing and undoing.>> we live here andwe survive.we don’t have work for himdoing.reporter: that 22-year-oldold sells water for thesector streets to earnlife. says feelhelpless around the city. EastIt is a subject of greattranscendence, since theyoung represent aimportant sector of thebig Apple.tonight we talk withexperts who tell us howwe can help and protect them