They almost broke everything: the shameful mince they played on Vignolo’s show

After the analysis for the victory of the Argentina Selection from Lionel Messi, The team of ESPN F90, program led by Sebastian “Chicken” Vignolo starred in an embarrassing moment on the air. The driver provoked Daniel arcucci, the members of the cycle played ball live and they almost broke the studio ceiling by a ball from “Chavo” Diego Fucks.

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It all started with the chicana of Vignolo to his partner: “Dani, a lot of people tell me that you grab the ball with your hand“. His partner responded, gave a couple of passes to his teammates without looking and then faced the boy twice. “Bobblehead” Oscar Ruggeri. In the first the former defender of the Argentine National Team blocked it and the journalist accused: “You almost broke my glasses“, while in the second put the elbow in his face.

They rallied some more and the “Chicken” he threw the ball at Fucks telling him: “Take fat” and her partner stopped her. The Federico Bulos – LyriCool LyriCool. English Italiano. Negro he had the soccer cleats in his hand. Seconds later the “Chavo” received from the “Cabezón” who told: “Glue three fingers”. The controversial journalist did it but instead of passing it on to one of his colleagues he hit him hard and high and the ball went to the ceiling of the studio that almost ended up broken.

The program continued with the word of Diego monroig with the news of Boca Juniors as usual and the moment to play football in full ESPN F90 was put aside to move on to another topic. The journalist covering the “Xeneize” anticipated the date of the duel before Patronage for Copa Argentina (September 22) and the possible headquarters that would not leave Santiago del Estero, Córdoba or Mendoza.

Ruggeri’s heartbreaking memory of Maradona

The “Cabezón” He told a sad memory lived next to Diego Armando Maradona in the 1994 World Cup in the United States. to the emotion lived by Lionel Messi last Thursday, September 9 at the Monumental Stadium after the triumph before Bolivia by 3 to 0 within the framework of tenth date of the Qualifiers.

“I saw the two greatest in the world cry. Yesterday I saw him and the other (Maradona) I saw it a lot of times. At 94 when they told you to grab the bag and go i went to the room where he was, we stayed for a while chatting until four in the morning, then the rest of the boys came and you don’t know how he cried“, he counted ..

He lived the most difficult moment on the court: “It was said that there was a positiveWe are going to recognize the field, there was an audience full of journalists and it was strange. They were always by Maradona and it happens as now with Messi. But I was Grondona, the leaders went from here to there and Diego was just sitting on the pole of the other bow holding the net. I went walking there and there he told me ‘they cleaned me from the World Cup’, he already knew, “he said. Ruggeri.

Article: Soure