These will be the premieres of Caracol Televisión in 2022

Caracol Televisión and its launches for 2022. Photo: Screenshot Caracol TV

2021 is already in its final weeks and, if you talk about Snail Television, the channel reached the month of December with the broadcast of reality shows, reruns and bio-soap operas, specifically speaking of the night time schedule, the Colombian audience currently sees ‘Yo me llamo’ (eighth season), ‘Nuevo rico, nuevo poor’ (repetition) and ‘El hijo del Cacique’ (bionovela about Martín Elías), for mentioning some titles. However, as they say around there: “new year, new life” and, therefore, also new productions.

These days, Caracol Televisión has put on the table the names of some stories that they will add to their television offering in 2022, for example, biographical and musical series are something that are seen here and there, and not on the channel. they were left behind, after having in this 2021 ‘El son del Cacique’, next year they will have ‘Arelys Henao: I sing to not cry’. Said production It features the interpretive work of Mariana Gómez as the popular music singer, the cast also includes the acting work of Yuri Vargas and other colleagues.

From popular music the leap to ranchera is made, since Caracol Televisión in conjunction with Netflix set about creating a production around Vicente Fernández, Mexican singer who precisely died on December 12. The actor who will develop in the interpretation of such a character is Jaime Camil (Mexican). The bio-soap was baptized with the name of ‘The King’.

“… Today the world cries for the great Vicente Fernández, but it also celebrates him, sings him, remembers him… Thanks to the project that I am doing, I have come to know the history, childhood, journey and legacy and all the adversities that my Chente had to overcome to become who he is, that has made me respect, love and honor him even more.”Were the words expressed by the Mexican actor through a statement on Instagram on December 12.

Jaime Camil's Instagram post. Photo: @jaimecamil
Jaime Camil’s Instagram post. Photo: @jaimecamil

Leaving aside the musical series, for those who are lovers of period novels, ‘Las Villamizar’ is offered that, according to the channel’s description: “In the middle of the Spanish Reconquest, in 1816, Carolina, Leonor and Isabela, are three sisters from the high society of El Socorro, who are part of the Liberation Army as spies, motivated by a search for justice that it leads them to persecute those who caused their mother’s death ”. These three characters are embodied by María José Vargas (Colombian actress), Shany Nadan (Ecuadorian actress) and Estefanía Piñeres (Colombian actress).

Caracol Televisión and its launches for 2022. Photo: Screenshot Caracol TV
Caracol Televisión and its launches for 2022. Photo: Screenshot Caracol TV

And, beyond the music and stories of 1816, the audience will also have on screen productions focused on sports such as ‘The medalists: Heroes with a heart of gold’, The series has as protagonists the lives of Óscar Luis Muñoz, Yuri Alvear, as well as Ingrit Lorena Valencia, the three athletes have Olympic medals.

Among other series such as ‘Los Briceño’, reality shows also stand out: ‘Challenge The Box’ (2022), to be exact.

In this year’s version of said reality show, Laura Jiménez Madrid and Paola Solano left everything on the court during the final of ‘Desafío The Box’ and, although both were developing their respective test in a very close way, finally Solano she was the one who emerged victorious and dressed with the title of winner. The previous story was not the same between Juan Manuel Gil and Gonzalo Andrés Pinzón (Galo), as the latter athlete was ahead of his rival with good time and concluded the circuit more quickly being the winner on the men’s side. In this way, Paola and Galo are the winners of this 2021 version of the reality show.


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These will be the premieres of Caracol Televisión in 2022